Brendan Howlin calls for Labour supporters to vote for Green Party and Social Democrats

Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin has urged his supporters to back candidates from the Green Party and Social Democrats in forthcoming elections.

Mr Howlin said Labour supporters should seek to ensure there are as many “progressive voices” as possible in both national and local politics.

Speaking at the Labour Party’s conference in Dublin tonight, Mr Howlin said: “To maximise the progressive voice, at the next election, I will call on all Labour voters to give their next preferences to progressive candidates, from the Green Party and the Social Democrats, and to progressive independents.

“Because we know that only a progressive platform, for economic equality and climate justice, will deliver a New Republic for all our people,” he said.

Mr Howlin said on “many issues” Labour agrees with the Green Party, the Social Democrats, and “progressive independents, some from the Labour family”.

“They share our analysis. We often vote together. And we have co-operated on new laws and policies.”

“Last week’s (RTE exit) poll showed the combined appeal of our policies. At least 1 in 7 nationwide would vote for progressive parties, 1 in 5 for Dublin and among younger people,” he added.

He also proposed creating an ‘Economic Equality Agency’ which would try to “understand the causes of poverty and disadvantage”.

Mr Howlin said his party in government would push for a digital services tax which would ensure “the giants of the Internet pay a fair share of tax”.

“The next great transformation of our economy, has to move us away from an insecure reliance on foreign investment,” he said.

“Towards a social and ecological market economy, that delivers decent jobs, sustainable jobs, in dynamic Irish businesses that unleash the great potential of our people,” he added.

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