Black cabbie challenges Sadiq Khan to ride with him to see ‘lawless London’

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A black cab driver named Gary has issued a personal challenge to Sadiq Khan amid growing concerns over the breakdown of law and order in London. Gary the cabbie dared the London Mayor to join him on a ride one night in London. This comes after chaos ran rampant on Oxford Street on Wednesday when hundreds of teenagers descended on central London.

The teens, inspired by a challenge on the social media app TikTok, ransacked the world-famous shopping street.

A video on the social media app went viral after calling for a JD Sports shop to be looted.

Clips from the scene showed baton-wielding police clashing with dozens of people while officers on horseback dispersed crowds.

Speaking to Lee Anderson, the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, on GB News, Gary bemoaned the decline of London.

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He said: “I want to challenge the mayor. I will pick him up from his home, free of charge. I won’t put the meter on.”

Gary continued: “I will pick him up after midnight and I will take him around the London that he is in charge of, and show how it has become a lawless London.

“The once great city of London is now lawless.”

Turning to the chaos seen on Oxford Street this week, Gary complained that Mr Khan had a 24-hour warning and did not deal with it properly.

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Oxford Street: Police on scene as planned disorder strikes

He said: “No riot vans, no dogs. They ran riot along Oxford and Regent Street. He put his officers at risk.”

Prior to the criminal chaos, Mr Khan had urged people who had seen the videos on social media not to go to Oxford Street.

He warned young Londoners: “Do not allow yourself to be sucked into an area that could be a high-crime area.”

Posts online promoting an organised “robbery”, with a date, time and dress code, were captioned: “Don’t come if you can’t run.”

People were urged to wear balaclavas and gloves but not bring weapons.

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In the end, the Metropolitan Police arrested nine people and issued 34 dispersal orders

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has since demanded that the ringleaders behind the plan be “hunted down and locked up”.

She warned that the UK cannot be allowed to plunge into the “lawlessness” seen in some American cities.

Mr Khan said the scenes were “completely unacceptable” and that “police investigations continue”.

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