All the Ryan Tannehill slander is getting tired

Retired NYPD cop in critical condition after being shot in NYC

A retired NYPD police officer was in critical condition after being shot on a Brooklyn street on Monday night, sources said.

The former cop was struck by a bullet at East 3rd Street and Church Avenue in the Kensington section of the borough at around 7:30 p.m., according to law enforcement sources.

Another person was shot at the location. It was not immediately clear if that person was the shooting suspect.

The officer was taken to a local hospital, where he was fighting for his life Monday night.

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PAUL THOMAS on… the new Royal baby

PAUL THOMAS on… the new Royal baby

To order a print of this Paul Thomas cartoon or one by Pugh, visit or call 0191 6030 178.

Guess Who This Tee-Ball Tot Turned Into!

Before this tiny tot was known for being a professional basketball player, he was just another cute kid up next at bat on his little league team.

This famous sporty stayed focused on his basketball career and went from a college athlete to an NBA player in 2009, when he joined the Los Angeles Clippers. He was named rookie of the year following his start in the NBA.

Even though the name of this tiny tot’s tee-ball team is a mystery … we do know that he’s been on some big-named NBA teams including the Detroit Pistons and also the Brooklyn Nets!

Can you guess who he is?

Is Naomi Osaka Being Punished Because She's A Black Woman?

Khloé Kardashian Defends Herself Amid Backlash for Being a "Hypocrite" Over Water Bottle Comments

Khloé Kardashian is not here for people calling out comments she made about *checks notes* water bottles yesterday morning. In case you missed it, Khloé woke up bright and early and hopped on Instagram Stories to say how happy she was that her followers had purchased her giant water bottle—but that she was bummed to see people fill it up with smaller, single-use plastic bottles. Her comments caused a lot of people to eye-roll, as well as point out Khloé’s own abundant use of single-use plastic. Ahem:

Multiple major websites reporting outages worldwide

Multiple major websites have suffered simultaneous global outages early Tuesday morning as sites such as Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Stack, Hulu, HBO Max, PayPal, Vimeo, Shopify have reported problems.

Other sites such as the British Government as well as news outlets CNN, the Guardian, the New York Times, BBC, and the Financial Times are currently also facing outages.

Fastly, a cloud-based enterprise that supports a number of news websites, has confirmed it’s facing an outage on its status website.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Twitter's Thirst for 'Bachelorette' Star Greg Grippo Is Unparalleled

Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette premiere went down last night, and the internet’s general reaction was best described as horny. Specifically when it came to First Impression Rose winner Greg Grippo, who Twitter is thirsting for to the point where I’m worried about mass dehydration.

Do those MVP trophies come with a receipt?

Coming to America

Why Are Black Designers Not Held To Same Standard As Mainstream Designers?

Can we stop all the Luka-Larry comparisons now?

'Umbrella Academy' Reveals Season 3 Episode Titles

Beginning with “Meet the Family” and ending in “Oblivion”

Jennifer Maas


“The Umbrella Academy” showrunner Steve Blackman revealed all of the titles for the Netflix fantasy series’ upcoming third season Tuesday during the streaming service’s “Geeked Week” presentation.

See the titles below.

More to come…

THAT is exactly what the Suns need to keep doing

Jay-Z & Meek Mill chipped in on a Bentley for Robert Kraft's birthday

Things aren’t looking so hot in Green Bay

Cedric The Entertainer Is A Proud Dad As Daughter Lucky Stuns At Senior Prom

All the Ryan Tannehill slander is getting tired