'You don't think it's going to happen to you, it's frightening' – mother of teen robbed 'at knife-point'

A mother who claims her daughter was robbed by two men who threatened her with a knife says the teen has been left “shaken up” by the incident, and has issued a warning to local residents.

Samantha Vaughan took to social media to warn Portlaoise residents after two men stole her daughter Abbey’s (17) phone and money while allegedly threatening her with a knife.

Mum Samantha explained that her daughter was walking to the train station with a friend after work on Saturday when they were stopped by two men who demanded they hand over their belongings.

“They had bright lights and put them into their faces and one of them had a knife, which he put to Abbey’s friend and the other, older man told Abbey not to look at what he was doing,” Samantha told Independent.ie.

“He said to give her phone over but didn’t want it as it’s an iPhone, we think it is because it has a tracker on it.

“They said if they lied and they found the money, both would be stabbed, so Abbey handed over her well-earned wages that she just got and the money she had in her purse.”

According to Samantha, Abbey phoned the gardai “straight away” after running off, who brought her to the station for a statement – but the incident has left her daughter feeling shaken.

“She was shaken up big time, even yesterday I had to try to get her out of the house for a bit,” Samantha said.

“You don’t think these things will happen to you until it happens, it’s frightening. This is why parents ask their children where they’re going and tell them to text them during the day.

“Looking back you think of the ‘what ifs’- if she was alone it could have been a different story.”

Samantha said she decided to share it on Facebook to warn others in the area.

“I am putting this status up.. to make sure everyone is aware of these two men and also a lot of you live in Portlaoise might know of them and might be willing to share information with gardai.”

Gardai have confirmed that the incident is being investigated.

“Gardaí received reports of a robbery that occurred in the Milbrook area of Portlaoise on 3/11/18 at approximately 6:30pm,” a spokesperson told Independent.ie.

“A female in her late teens reported that two males threatened her, allegedly armed with a knife and took a sum of cash and her mobile phone.

“Investigations are ongoing.”

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