Woman watches as 37th birthday balloon blows away with £100 tied to it

A woman was forced to watch in horror as her birthday present of £100 attached to a balloon floated away in front of her eyes.

Nikki Walker, from Glasgow, was celebrating her 37th birthday with family when her mum gave her the balloon with several £10 notes attached to it.

But when she opened the box it was in, she didn’t quite grasp the balloon in time – and it was blown away.

‘There were £100 in £10 notes attached to the balloon, it is just my luck,’ Nikki told the Daily Record.

‘My sister came over to the family barbecue with my gifts and gave me the balloons.

‘She said that one needs opened and I just opened right away and it flew right out the box.

‘I can’t stop laughing about it now but it is my poor we mammy I’m thinking about now.

‘She’s seeing the funny side also and saying it would only happen to me.’

Nikki, who was intending to spend her birthday money on a trip to Loch Long this week, said she wants to see how far it has travelled.

After posting about the unfortunate incident on Facebook, a well-wisher even set up a GoFundMe page to help get back the value of her birthday money.

Nikki said she sees the funny side and could not believe people’s reactions to what happened.

‘I love a good bit of banter and I’m finding it all hilarious,’ she said.

‘I woke up to 180 friend requests and everyone calling me the girl who lost the balloon.

‘I can’t believe how many people have interacted on the post, there is never a dull moment when it comes to me.’

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