Woke Scouts are told, don’t call Guides girls

Scout leaders have unleashed a woke storm by telling children not to use the term “Girl Guides”.

A style guide for the 113-year-old organisation has also outlawed the words “fireman” and “postman”.

Aimed at people writing material for the organisation, the guide is currently promoted on its website.

In an A-Z of words and phrases, it says: “Refer to ‘Guides’ rather than ‘Girl Guides’. Never use ‘he’ or ‘his’ to cover all genders – use ‘they’ or ‘their’ or rearrange your sentence.

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“For example, rather than ‘the winner should collect his prize’, try ‘the winner should collect their prize. Don’t use terms that presume men are the default, for example, don’t use ‘postmen’ or ‘fireman’ when ‘postal workers’ or ‘firefighters’ would do. It’s also ‘humankind’, not ‘mankind’. ‘Actor’ and ‘comedian’ cover people of all genders.”

It continues: “Family details and marital statuses are rarely relevant, unless the story is about family or marriage. Don’t describe a woman as ‘a mother of three’, or define her using her partner’s identity.”

But one mum, whose child attends a Scout group in Derby, said: “It’s shocking. It’s like they are trying to erase what a boy and girl is. Children of that age just need to be left alone and allowed to develop.

“Life is confusing enough. I thought the one place they could be free of this nonsense would be the Scouts. I just want my child to become more confident and empowered about life and not constantly fear of saying the wrong thing.”

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Another parent said: “I cannot understand it. Why can’t they be left alone?”

A Scouts spokesman said: “Scouts is open to everyone, we welcome all young people and adults.

“We have a style guide, but it’s not a set of rules, and no words are banned. We aim to be welcoming to every family, and use the words that match that ambition.”

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