William and Charles were ‘absolutely right’ to block Andrew from Order of the Garter

Prince William and Charles told Andrew 'clear off' says Myers

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Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son, had planned to join members of the Royal Family and other Garter Knights for the annual ceremony at Windsor Castle. She had approved his appearance indicating that she would like to see him rebuild his public life following his US legal case over allegations of sexual assault, claims he has always strongly denied.

However, an eleventh-hour intervention from Princes Charles and William meant that Andrew was only able to attend the private elements of the mediaeval ceremony.

Both future Kings were reported to have expressed “significant unease” towards the inclusion of Andrew, relegating him to non-public facing duties.

According to a source cited by The Sun, the Duke of York, a Garter Knight since 2006, was told to remain out of sight “for his own good”.

Andrew is understood to have challenged the ban, but was unable to change his family or senior courtiers’s decision.

A source close to Andrew said it was the Duke’s “own personal decision” not to attend the public-facing elements of the day, but this has been contested by palace insiders.

As a result, Express.co.uk asked readers opinions on the decision to block Andrew.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Monday, June 13, to 10am on Wednesday, June 15, Express.co.uk asked: “Are William and Charles right to block Andrew from Order of the Garter?”

A total of 11,150 people cast their votes with a strong 94 percent (10,471 people) answering “yes”. William and Charles are right to block Andrew.

Just six percent (621 people) said “no” while 58 people said they did not know either way.

In the hundreds of comments left below the accompanying article readers shared their thoughts on Andrew being blocked from Order of the Garter.

The majority of readers supported William and Charles’s decision to block Andrew with one reader, username JB4507, commenting that they were “absolutely right”.

Username Cath 20 said: “Unfortunately for Prince Andrew, Charles and William must, for the sake of the future of the monarchy.”

Username Seth Crimp wrote: “The answer has to be yes, Charles and William would bring the monarchy into disrepute if they didn’t.”

And username EnoughAlready said: “Of course William and Charles were right to intervene [to stop] Andrew attending, but in all reality they shouldn’t have had to.”

Another, username Goldielover said: “Andrew should have done the right thing and decided on his own that he was not going to attend.”

Some commented that Andrew should keep to a private life and not attend official events.

Username Penshaw eskdale2021 said: “He should not be allowed to attend any official functions in any capacity.”

While username Cicada said: “He should stay away from any celebrations or public displays.”

 Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, said Andrew’s exclusion from Garter Day may cause him to reassess his future in the Royal Family.

When asked about the move to remove Andrew from public view, he said: “I think the decision they’ve made is a sensible one, I think they’re fully aware of the public’s opinion of the Duke of York’s conduct and that this is very much a damage limitation exercise on behalf of senior members of his family.”

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Other readers thought that William and Charles should not have had a say as they are not the reigning monarch.

Username PumkPumkin said: “Charles and William did NOT have the right to prevent Andrew from joining in the Order Of The Garter procession.

“They may be future Kings in waiting, but that in itself did not give them the right to stop Andrew.”

Another, username 2021 Tom wrote: “Nothing to do with Charles or William yet, if the Queen wanted Andrew to attend, then he should have attended.”

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