William and Charles are ‘incredibly close’ as pair bond over Harry row

King Charles ‘played a blinder’ with Harry and Meghan says Cole

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While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the Royal Family magnified the tension brewing within the House of Windsor, it has also brought some members of the Firm closer together. According to several reports, King Charles III’s relationship with his elder son Prince William has strengthened in the fallout surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure, with one royal author claiming the pair are “incredibly close” as their shared royal destinies mean they know exactly what each other is “going through”.

Gill Knappett, a royal author and biographer of the King, was a guest on last week’s episode of the Pod Save The King podcast.

She said: “They’re so incredibly close and, like his father, William has been brought up with the ultimate role as king in mind. And Charles spent a while going through exactly [what William’s] going through and he will be nothing but supportive of William and there’s is a great relationship to have.”

Zoe Forsey, host of the podcast, added: “The King’s relationship with William seems to be going from strength to strength. We know that William has been bought in and it sounds like, in recent years, it ended up being the Queen, Charles and William making these decisions together about the deals of Harry and Megan leaving the UK. They were a trio and now they’ve turned into a double act without the Queen there.”

By most accounts, William’s relationship with his father was once strained and insiders have claimed that, until Harry’s departure, Charles was closer to his younger son.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, royal author Robert Jobson claimed: “William’s relationship with his father has at times been strained.

“In fact, until the painful fallout of Harry’s departure from the Royal fold, Prince Charles was much closer to his younger son than his heir. While Harry used to talk with his ‘Pa’ for hours, William was more stand-offish.”

Now, the so-called royal rift seems to centre around the relationships between the three men.

The breakdown of relations between Harry, William and Charles was a recurring topic in the Duke of Sussex’s recently-published, tell-all memoir.

Harry delved into his complicated relationship with his father and recalled private and personal moments with his brother, including a heated argument which turned into a physical altercation.

Despite this, in his recent media interviews, Harry insisted he hoped for a reconciliation with his family, particularly with his brother and father.

Shortly after his sit-downs, it was reported that peace talks would be held between the estranged royals ahead of the Coronation of King Charles.

However, those reports have since been refuted, with plans for a meeting unconfirmed.

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Similarly, whether or not Harry and Meghan are planning to attend the King’s Coronation remains under wraps. But it is widely believed that the US-based couple have been invited.

The Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer has argued the King’s crowning is a “good opportunity” for reconciliation.

Speaking on last week’s episode of The Royal Round Up, he said the Sussexes “coming over for the Coronation would be a good opportunity”.

He added: “I think, while there might be a bit of wariness, I would also expect — certainly the King and Queen Consort to have some private discussions trying to mend the rift.

Mr Palmer went on to say, however, that the Prince and Princess of Wales will struggle to make amends with the Sussexes, explaining: “[With] William and Kate, I think the relations are so strained there that it may be difficult but there will certainly be an effort to try to bring them together.”

Earlier this month, a friend of William claimed the heir to the throne will respect his father’s decision over Harry’s attendance at the Coronation, but would prefer it if he was not at the historic event on May 6.

Asked if the Prince of Wales was being portrayed as a villain blocking the King’s wishes for Harry to be at his big day, the friend said: “William is strong-minded, determined and unafraid to voice his opinion.

“But he is also utterly respectful of the hierarchy and of course, he will do what his father wants. They have never been closer.”

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