What’s going on? Brexiteer posts FIVE QUESTIONS PM must answer amid second wave panic

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In a post on his site, the MP for Wokingham demanded the Government ramp up its response to testing the populous. This week, the Prime Minister expressed his concerns over the increase in cases across the country and vowed to ramp up the UK’s testing capacity to 500,000 a day. However, controversy has arisen over the public’s ability to receive a test and the amount of time a result takes to be produced.

In response, Sir John asked: “It leaves people asking some questions.

“Why can’t the NHS test more people locally?

“When will the current testing system be fixed?

“Who is now working on a rapid test and how many would it be possible to make when there is one?

“How will the public react to a prolonged period of restrictions on freedoms?

“How much more economic damage will be incurred if the virus does continue to flare up?”

In a return to the daily press conference format, Mr Johnson revealed the new ‘rule of six’ across the country, which comes into force on Monday.

Under this, the public is prohibited from meetings of over six people – inside or outside – and if found to be violating the rules, fines can start at £100, doubling for each repeat offence up to £3,200.

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With COVID-19 case numbers approaching figures not seen since the peak of the outbreak in the UK, Mr Johnson also outlined a new plan to vastly increase Britain’s testing capacity.

The UK’s current testing capacity across all pillars currently stands at 369,937 although, as of the latest figures published on Thursday 10, only 156,687 were processed.

In order to control the virus in its second wave stage, Mr Johnson has pledged to push that capacity to 500,000 by the end of October.

Termed as ‘Operation Moonshot’, Mr Johnson also indicated the Government was pushing for the implementation of rapid response test kits.

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The University of Southampton is currently working on a rapid home testing kit which could give a result within 20 minutes.

There is hope this could be rolled out by the end of the year in order to help contain the outbreak in the coming months.

Trials of the test kit showed 125 of those samples were positive from 150.

Mr Johnson said this week: “Up to now, we have used testing primarily to identify people who are positive – so we can isolate them from the community and protect high-risk groups.

“And we think, we hope, we believe that new types of test which are simple, quick and scalable will become available.

“They use swabs or saliva and can turn round results in 90 or even 20 minutes.

“Crucially, it should be possible to deploy these tests on a far bigger scale than any country has yet achieved – literally millions of tests processed every single day.”

In tandem with the test results, the UK’s daily case total rose by 2,919 to 358,138 on Thursday.

Deaths, however, increased by 14 to 41,608.

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