‘What was point of Brexit?’ Boris urged to immediately break UK from EU ‘regulatory ties’

Brexit: Tom Harwood reacts to Lord Frost’s comments

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Brexit Minister Lord Frost on Monday reiterated the importance of the UK removing fully removing any connection to the European Union to ensure Brexit is fully delivered. He said moving away from the EU is a necessity and that order we should strive to lower that tax in the UK. GB News presenter and pro-Brexit campaigner Tom Harwood praised the Brexit Minister for his candid speech as he insisted Boris Johnson must see Brexit completely through.

Mr Harwood said: “Now Lord Frost made the most important intervention we have seen from any cabinet minister in a long time.

“A warning shot fired at the course this government is taking, some might say fired at the Prime Minister.

“Speaking of the influential center for policy studies conference on trade, the Brexit Minister spoke the truth we’ve not heard so explicitly from this Government in a long time.”

He continued: “In his closing remarks Lord Frost said ‘the formula for success as a country is well-known, low taxes I agree with Chancellor, as he said in his budget speech, our goal must be to reduce taxes light-touchand proportionate regulation, whatever our policy objection.’ 

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“‘We can’t carry on as we were before, and if after Brexit all we do is import the European social model we will not succeed.”

The GB News presenter insisted maintaining any form of connection to the European Union would hinder Brexit in itself.

He said: “And this is the fundamental truth of the matter. Brexit doesn’t in or of itself make us richer.

“What it does is give us control give us the tools and levers to deliver a freer and richer society.”

“If we don’t use those tools to change our country to reduce regulation, we’ll have the right to ask what was the point?

UK cannot return to EU social model after Brexit says Frost

“If we leave the European Union only to reimpose its failing economic model of high taxes, high regulation, and anti-innovation policies and low stagnant growth.”

Mr Harwood added: “There’s an argument that we might not have left at all, what would have been the point, this was the argument against some of the original proposed Brexit deals.

“Those that trapped us within the EU regulatory orbit, they would not have allowed us to seize the opportunities of Brexit and that is why those proposed deals were comprehensively rejected

“Instead a deal that allowed regulatory divergence was reached, now we have reclaimed that independence we must use it.”

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Lord Frost has been leading efforts to review the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol agreed with the European Union as part of the Brexit Agreement last year.

In addition to the state of Northern Ireland, which has remained part of both the single market and the customs union, the matter of fisheries has remained a key point of contention with the EU – especially with France.

With talks dragging on, Olivier Lepretre, president of the business body that represents fishermen’s interests in northern France, has said fishermen have decided to take action

“Action is imminent,” Mr Lepretre said.

Without going into details of what form the action will take, he made clear that would affect trade, saying: “Britain wants to get access to the European market? They should give us the licences. If not, we will cut their access.”

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