What happens if you DON’T report a lateral flow Covid test result?

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Everyone in the UK is being urged to take two lateral flow Covid tests a week, while highly accurate PCR testing is also continuing at pace in the fight against coronavirus. However, PCR tests are pre-booked and your results are automatically logged, while with lateral flow tests, the onus is on the user to report results, positive or negative.

What happens if you don’t report your result?

Nothing severe will happen if you fail to report your test results, there won’t be a fine or anything like that.

However, failing to report a test result hampers the progress of the efforts to beat the virus, and if everyone failed to report results we could see dangerous new variants going undetected or even end up in lockdown for longer, so it’s worth getting it done.

Authorities managing the pandemic response rely heavily on data to make their decisions, and knowing how many people are testing positive as well as negative will have a major impact on the decisions taken for society as a whole.

The Government has set out four reasons why you should report your results.

Reporting results helps to:

  • Reduce infection rates in your community
  • Protect people at higher risk of infection
  • Prevent and reduce the spread of the virus
  • Find out if you’re infectious (you may not have symptoms)

While lockdown is due to end in the coming weeks, testing is expected to remain a part of life for some time.

Mass testing for school children is likely to continue after the summer holiday as society tries to get back to some semblance of normality.

Writing in The Telegraph, Lord Bethell said that lateral flow devices had allowed the reopening of schools to be “a resounding success”, and become part of the daily routine for families.

More than 50 million tests have been carried out on schoolchildren since the scheme launched three months ago, and the health minister suggested he would like to see the same number deployed again in the coming months.

He said: “By making a Covid test part of their everyday routine – as normal for some families as preparing a packed lunch or completing their homework – they’ve demonstrated how these tests can underpin the reopening of other things we all love.

“As this virus continues to evolve and attempts to bypass our defences, it is these capabilities that will help us outmanoeuvre the virus in the long term.

“50 million tests have got us here, here’s to 50 million more. Let’s not lose what’s been achieved so far.

“They have proved a huge help not only in reopening schools, but in keeping them open.”

And it’s not only schools considering ramping up testing – Amazon will expand its Covid testing lab facilities in the UK as the pandemic continues.

The online giant said this was to benefit employees and UK public health.

Lab director Luke Meredith told the BBC: “What we decided during the Covid outbreak is that we really needed to maximise protection for safe working in the fulfilment centres.”

In 2020, Amazon set up laboratories in Kentucky and in Greater Manchester to process employees’ PCR tests.

The test results are anonymous and will be shared with Public Health England once the lab is approved for sequencing.

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