‘We’re trekking 3,000 miles non-stop for 6 weeks in world’s toughest row’

Three women are set to embark on a nautical challenge that’s equivalent to 115 marathons.

Grace Gilbert, 31, and her two team mates Maddie Difazio-Wright, 35, from Bath, and Grace Pybus, 32, from Newport, will be rowing two hours on and two hours off continuously for six weeks.

The task comprises 3,000 nautical miles of ocean rowing from La Gomera to Antigua – unassisted, unsupported in what’s deemed the World’s Toughest Row.

Seasoned triathlon competitor Grace Gilbert, who is from the Oxford area, told Express.co.uk that she’s nervous about the endeavour.

Grace, who works in commercial property, said: “I had never rowed before in my life!

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“I’m quite nervous because it’s the unknown.

“I’m most nervous about the lack of sleep.

“I’m also nervous about getting quite home sick as I’m the only one who is married and it’s my first time away from him.”

Grace is married to Liam, 39, a construction director and they have a dog called Monkey, a Sprocker Spaniel – and her friends and family think she’s “bonkers.”

She said: “They absolutely think I’m bonkers and say ‘God here we go again’.”

She added: “I really like big challenges and seeing how far I can push myself.

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“It’s pretty much the ultimate test.

“I have done a lot of stuff solo so I’m very self reliant.

“I’m pushing those boundaries to see what you can achieve as a team.”

But, says Grace, she predicts there could be times when things become a bit strained between the women.

She said: “Because we weren’t prior friends

“There have been times when it has been fractious.

“I’m not saying the crossing is going to be argument free!”

She added: “I’m not sure there will be anything next – it might be quite nice to have a little break.”

The trio are hoping to raise significant funds for their three chosen charities The John Ratcliffe Hospital Neuro ICU, Empire Fighting Chance and Kidney Wales.

To find out more about their endeavour visit this link.

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