Wearable tech devices promise relief from excruciating period pain

With menstrual leave still not a given option, wearable tech might come to the rescue of people experiencing excruciating period pain.

A Hungarian company has developed a wearable bodysuit to help relieve menstrual pain by combining heat and micro-vibrations.

The device called Artemis is connected to an app which can also track your menstrual cycle and pain.

The bodysuit is a washable garment made from merino wool and upgraded bioceramic yarn that function as ‘perfect natural heat regulators’.

‘I was often in so much pain during my periods that I couldn’t get up from the couch to do my work,’ Paula, who tested out the device, told the BBC.

She was part of a group of volunteers who signed up for Alpha Femtech’s social media call to help in the testing and development of the bodysuit to reduce period pain.

Applicants were chosen by a doctor who specialises in women’s health after completing a survey about their menstrual cycle, as reported by the BBC.

The Artemis bodysuit will be available to buy in the UK and the EU later this year for an estimated £194 (€220).

The device has built-in heat panels and tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) gel pads.

Tens are often used by women during childbirth, to emit electrical pulses to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Meanwhile, the heat panels soothe the uterus and surrounding muscles.

The bodysuit is powered by a palm-sized battery pack and tens machine that fits in a small pocket on the suit, or can be clipped on.

This connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to an app on the user’s smartphone, which is used to adjust both heat and electricity levels.

During testing, Paula reported that her periods were ‘a completely different experience’ with little to no pain.

The only side effect according to her was a heavier period which she attributed to the muscle-relaxing effects.

The bodysuit was by Alpha Femtech’s co-founder Anna Zsofia Kormos, a doctorate in wearable smart tech, focusing specifically on menstrual health.

‘We spoke to 350 women about their menstrual habits, so that we could develop the most user-friendly product,’ said Dóra Pelczer, the other co-founder.

Other devices like the Myoovi, created by UK doctors, provide instant relief by attaching the wireless device to your body that emits pulses that feel like little vibrations. 

Launched in October 2021, the Myoovi costs £60 for a disc-shaped central unit that houses a tens gel pad, a USB-charged battery, and control buttons.

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