UK’s daily Covid deaths surge past 300 in 11-MONTH high – Boris’s nightmare erupts

Boris Johnson says battle against Omicron 'is not over'

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A total of 398 Covid deaths were recored in the UK as of 9am on Wednesday morning, according to the Government. These people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid.

The total number of reported Covid deaths has now reached over 151,000.

The last time a daily Covid death figure so close to 400 was reported was February 2021, 11 months ago.

While higher than anybody would hope, the latest Covid death figures are far lower than some predicted.

In December, Imperial College London’s Professor Neil Ferguson – often nicknamed ‘Professor Lockdown’ – is reported to have suggested Britain could see 5,000 Omicron deaths every day in January.

At the time, another Professor, UCL Genetics Institute Director Francois Balloux, warned that this scenario was “apocalyptic”.

He expressed concern that this could result in a “loss of trust in governments and public institutions for crying wolf”.

Professor Ferguson’s suggestion early in the pandemic that around 500,000 people could die during Covid’s first wave has likewise been widely ridiculed.

More to follow.

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