UK snow: ‘Powerful Icelandic low’ to plunge Britain into ‘wintry’ and bitter -10C freeze

Met Office says to expect 'choppy' weather over the weekend

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At time of writing, no Met Office warnings have been issued for Saturday or Sunday. However, two yellow warnings for ice covering an area from South Wales to mid-southern England and North West England to Western Scotland expired as of midnight on Friday. Weather experts believe that the weekend ahead will bring a “typical winter” temperature and precipitation.

Jim Andrews, a meteorologist at told “Temperature will not stay far from the normal range for the first half of January.

“For most, there will be neither deep freeze nor warm waves.

“A powerful Icelandic Low (depression) will drag a strong occluded front across the UK from west to east on Saturday.

“This weather system will bring widespread showery to rainy outbreaks as well as blustery winds along the way.”

Saturday morning, ahead of the aforementioned front, will have the coldest weather of the weekend.

Mr Andrews said: “Frosts to -1C or -2C will happen in many areas away from south- and west-facing shores, and lows to about -10C can be reached in sheltered Northern Scotland.

“As a whole, these areas, along with the rest of the UK, will warm quickly enough with the onset of precipitation to limit the occurrence of wintry outbreaks on Saturday.”

However, rainy outbreaks may bring some unpleasant experiences for the commuters, warned the experts.

With the weather coming from the West, rainfall will tend to be highest along the western side of Great Britain, from North West Scotland right the way to Cornwall, potentially reaching 2 to 4 cm.

Mr Andrews said: “The wintry chill will lead a few of these outbreaks to be wintry or snowy, especially over higher ground.

“For most in the UK, the weather will give little more than ‘rainy day’ disruption.

“Hill crossings early Saturday can have wintry traction, however, so caution would be advised.”

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Going forward, the Met Office has predicted a “milder” January with the temperature hovering between 11-12C in Britain.

Greg Dewhurst told “We will see a lot of clouds in the month of January, however, the expected temperature are going to be between 11-12C. The lowest temperature will be around 3-6C.”

Mr Andrews also echoed the similar predictions: “Following Saturday’s occluded front, the weather will become somewhat drier as a whole as the Icelandic Low will weaken.

“There can still be a few showery outbreaks, even wintry, on Saturday night and Sunday. This would still tend to favor western areas.”

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