‘Triggered’ Harry to feel ‘hunted and hopeless’ when he returns for Diana’s memorial

Prince Harry and William's 'feuding' discussed by Jobson

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Harry is expected to come back to the UK to honour what would have been his mother’s 60th birthday, on July 1. On the 20th anniversary of her death back in 2017, both he and his older brother Prince William agreed that a statue should be put up in Kensington gardens as a tribute to their mother. But, as the highly-anticipated unveiling approaches, royal watchers have started to fear that Harry may not make the long haul flight over to London from his new home in California as tensions with his family remain high.

However, the Duke of Sussex’s new docuseries with Oprah Winfrey, called The Me You Can’t See, revealed how there may be another obstacle preventing Harry from returning to the UK for the special occasion.

During the mental health documentary, Harry revealed: “London is a trigger, unfortunately, because of what happened to my mum and because of what I experienced and what I saw.”

Diana struggled to cope under the pressures of the public eye, especially as she spent most of her royal life based at Kensington Palace, in west London.

Her youngest son also told Oprah how he vividly remembers dramatic car rides where she tried to escape the paparazzi while they were driving around the UK.

When asked by a therapist in his new documentary if the royal only becomes apprehensive about London on particular occasions, Harry replied: “It happens every time.”

He continued: “Everything feels tense, it’s being hunted and being helpless, and knowing you can’t do anything about it. There is no escape.”

He explained: “For most of my life, I always felt worried, concerned, a little bit tense and uptight whenever I fly back to the UK, whenever I fly back into London.

“I was like, ‘Why do I feel so uncomfortable?’

“And I could never understand why. I was aware of it.

“I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I was younger, but after I started doing therapy and stuff like that, I became aware of it.”

Harry spent most of his childhood either at boarding school in Windsor, attending Eton College, or at one of the royal estates in London.

After a decade in the Army, he moved into Nottingham Cottage on Kensington Palace estate, neighbouring William and his sister-in-law Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan moved in there with him shortly after their engagement, but less than a year after they tied the knot — and after Harry had started therapy — the couple relocated to Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage.

During the docuseries, Harry also revealed what he would go through every time he had to commit to a stressful public appearance.

He said: “I would just start sweating. I would feel as though my body temperature was two or three degrees warmer than everybody else in the room.

“I would convince myself that my face was bright red and therefore everybody could see how I was feeling, but no one would know why, so it was embarrassing.

“You get in your head about it and then you’re just like, ‘everybody’s looking at me.”

Harry’s aversion to London has also shone a light on some of the couple’s earlier decisions about their post-royal lifestyle.

When the Sussexes first announced their intention to step down from the Royal Family, the couple confirmed that they wanted to split their time between North America and the UK.

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While many of the Megxit details the couple had set their hearts on — such as pursuing a half-in half-out role — were dismissed by the Palace, the chance for them to move abroad remained.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey back in March, the couple explained how they had even suggested moving to a Commonwealth state such as South Africa, before settling on the US.

In the months since the couple’s dramatic tell-all, many royal commentators have speculated that the Sussexes would never return to live in the UK again.

Critic Valentine Low told 60 Minutes Australia that there was “not a chance” of the couple relocating back to the UK, adding: “Their bridges are now ash, they will not be coming back.”

While the Duke of Sussex did travel back to Britain in April, to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, his nine-day stay reportedly did not help to resolve any of the tensions with his relatives.

Meghan did not join him because her doctor advised her not to travel as she is heavily pregnant with their second child.

If Harry does return for Diana’s statue unveiling, he and William are expected to make separate speeches — hinting once again that the rift between them still runs deep.

But, a royal source told The Sun: “They will both move heaven and earth to be there.

“They commissioned the statue together. It is very important for them.

“There is, of course, hope the memory of Diana can repair their relationship but that seems a long way off right now.”

Explaining why they have chosen to make separate addresses, the source continued: “It is a big concern that their body language will suggest all is not well and they won’t present a united front.”

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