Temperature dive: Mild weather on way out with wind and rain to take over

The unusually mild and dry weather conditions over the past few days look set to come to an end this week, with dropping temperatures and rain predicted for the weekend.

A band of high pressure and cloudy skies will keep temperatures averaging around 7C or 8C for much of the week, but as the cloud starts to clear in the second half of the week temperatures will fall.

A Met Éireann forecaster said a “warm front is embedded over the country until Wednesday” after which it will begin to slip to the south, allowing colder conditions to take hold.

“The highs will slip to the south for the weekend and it will get a bit more breezy,” she said. “Once you start getting the westerly and northerly flows coming in, or a more mobile situation, it starts to get colder.”

Along with the falling temperatures, Met Éireann has predicted “the weather will turn more unsettled on Saturday, with spells of rain and strengthening winds”.

In the meantime, the south will experience the coldest temperatures early in the week as some of the cloud breaks. “It could be cold enough in the south where the cloud breaks for a touch of frost,” the forecaster said.

“And on Tuesday night, anywhere the cloud breaks temperatures will go down to single figures but it won’t bring a hard frost.

“Wednesday night should be frost-free and Thursday night should also be frost-free.”

Although heavier downfalls are a few days away, Met Éireann has warned there will be a risk of “scattered showers” but it will be “largely dry”.

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