Telegraph poles are erected outside homes ‘without any warning’

Diana Johnson delivers broadband poles petition to Commons

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Suburban residents are angry after telegraph poles being installed outside their homes “without permission or advance notice”.

Residents in the Sutton-on-Hull neighbourhood of Hull were not given an opportunity to have their say about the structures, erected near properties, gardens and in the middle of pavements.

Dame Diana Johnson, MP for the ward, is calling for operators to apply for planning permission for poles in future.

MPs are now set to debate the issue in the Commons next Wednesday, March 15, reports Hull Live.

“Many residents in my constituency and across the country have found telegraph poles erected close to their homes, their gardens, and in the middle of pavements without permission or advance notice,” Dame Johnson, who represents Labour, said.

“The House of Commons should urge the Government to make it a requirement for operators to apply for permission from local authorities and consult affected residents.”

Dame Diana has previously called for the law, which has classed such infrastructure as “permitted development” since 2021, to change.

Permitted development means companies can install the infrastructure without going through the normal planning process provided or consulting locals. Ofcom also requires them to abide by the Electronic Communications Code requiring them to inform local authorities and inform locals and give them an avenue to complain.

New broadband companies coming into Hull and the East Riding have said they would rather share infrastructure with KCOM and put up poles and laid cables when they could not. They added they tried their best to work with affected households.

But people living in north Hull and some East Riding villages have claimed they often only find out about infrastructure once it has been installed. KCOM has said it works to process applications to use its network as quickly as possible.

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