Sussexes accused of receiving award for ‘something that doesn’t exist’

Meghan and Harry receiving award 'for doing nothing' says host

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to receive an award for taking a stand against “structural racism” within the monarchy. Speaking on Sky News Australia, author Douglas Murray called the Royal Family “not racist” after accusing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of providing “no evidence” to back up claims of racism within the institution. Harry and Meghan alleged in their Oprah interview last year that a family member had questioned what colour their son’s skin would be.

Mr Murray told host Rita Panahi: “They have provided no evidence of racism within the Royal Family.

“There is no evidence of racism within the Royal Family.

“The Royal Family is not racist.”

He added: “They are being given an award, in the name of Robert Kennedy, for doing something that they haven’t done.

“[And] for standing up to something that doesn’t exist.”

He continued: “When you look around the world, you look at the women in Iran, you look at men and women in Ukraine, you look at the people actually fighting totalitarianism and totalitarian governments and that’s a real fight.

“Moaning and whinging from California takes no courage at all.

“It takes a level of imagination and fantasy clearly, but it requires no courage.”

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Mr Murray concluded by stating that he wishes that the couple “would not accept such an award” and “hand it over to people in the world who are actually doing the work that the Sussexes pretend they’re doing”.

Speaking previously on Australia’s The Morning Show, entertainment reporter Peter Ford accused the couple of seemingly collecting an award for “attacking their own family”.

The couple are set to be in attendance at the Gala on December 6.

In March 2021, Meghan and Harry sat down for a two-hour televised tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.


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During the interview, the Duchess of Sussex claimed that an unnamed royal commented on “how dark” their first unborn child would be.

Although providing this allegation, the couple chose not to share who they were referring to.

Despite this, Harry did later clarify to the presenter that the explosive question was not posed by either Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Philip.


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