Susanna Reid speaks OAP Elsie who was at centre of GMB sit-down with Boris Johnson

Susanna Reid details her meeting with OAP after PM interview

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Susanna Reid sat down with journalist Andrew Marr to update him on Elsie, a UK pensioner who has to sit on buses all day to stay warm due to the cost of energy. The Good Morning Britain Presenter criticised the Prime Minister for using big financial figures when discussing the current crisis. Ms Reid revealed that she had now spoken directly to Elsie who said she was disappointed with what Mr Johnson had said this morning.

Ms Reid told LBC: “We found Elsie and discovered some details about her.

“When I was doing my research for the interview with the Prime Minister over the last couple of days.

“It struck me that it’s very easy for the Prime Minister to bandy about very big figures.

“We’re spending a billion on this, double spending on this, we’ve got £9m billion going into this.

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“But as I looked through those case studies that our producers had spoken to directly and filmed with and found out all those details from.

“For our cost of living special, it just struck me that actually what does that mean to Elsie… What does £9 billion, £1 billion?

“It doesn’t mean anything to Elsie if she gets on a bus every day because that stops her putting the heating on at home, what is the Prime Minister going to do directly for Elsie?

“And I’ve spoken to Elsie since the interview this morning with the Prime Minister, and she says how disappointed she is with what he said.

Susanna Reid grills Boris Johnson on Cost of Living

“Because she says the people who are even worse off than she is, and there was no answer for them.

“Apart from, oh I was the person who was responsible for the bus pass, I mean as if she’s supposed to be grateful.”

Adam Scorer, CEO of the charity National Energy Action has warned Britons that 6m of them will likely face fuel poverty this year.

Mr Scorer told Channel 4: “I think this is the single biggest price shock we’ve had in energy, and we haven’t done anywhere near enough to prevent it from having real harm.

“We’ve seen it coming for a long time. Since the end of the summer, we’ve seen the way that wholesale prices were going.

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