Sturgeon’s deputy rattled as ‘frustrated’ Scots blast SNP order – ‘Last thing we wanted!’

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Hundreds of thousands of people in Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire are facing new restrictions due to new coronavirus spikes. They are no longer allowed to have people from other households in their homes or visit another person’s home anywhere. Nicola Sturgeon’s Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, answered some of the criticisims of the SNP’s decision on BBC Radio 4’s Today show.

Mr Swinney was forced to listen to Tony Inglis, a writer based in Glasgow, who had told the BBC: “It just feels frustrating and disheartening that it’s so scattershot and arbitary.

“I could essentially meet my mum and dad and brothers in the pub if I wanted to, but couldn’t do so in my own family home.”

The Scottish politician defended the move: “I completely understand the frustration and this is the last thing the Government wanted to do, but we felt we had to do it.

“We’ve got rising case numbers in the three local authorities mentioned to a level that caused us some significant concern.”

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