‘Scuffles’ breaking out among King Charles Coronation crowds

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Hordes of royal fans have poured into central London keen to witness the celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation with their own eyes. But the weather is not their friend, having taken a turn for the worse before the Coronation begins.

Bedecked in Union Flag dresses, shirts, bunting, and even King Charles masks, they are all dressed for a very regal occasion.

Some have even opted to wear crowns and tiaras, albeit much cheaper than the ones that will be worn by King Charles, Queen Camilla, and other members of the Royal Family in Westminster Abbey.

But the crowds outside Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Whitehall have had to cover up their outfits by putting on ponchos and holding umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain.

This is blocking the view for many people and causing some “scuffles” in the crowd as people are asked to put down their umbrellas, according to MyLondon.

One of the well-wishers who got there early was Helen Mutlu, 54, a food business owner from Clevedon, who is in London with her grandson Theo.

She said: “This country can’t run without royalty behind it. I’ve been to everything I can, I’ve supported the Queen at Trooping the Colour every year.

“I was so upset and cried and mourned for the Queen for months and I’ve only just got over that.”

“My husband complains about my memorabilia all the time. I have a life-size stand-up of the Queen in my lounge – my husband doesn’t like that, he says it’s too big!”

Talking about the Republic protestors, Mrs Mutlu said: “Absolute lunatics. Just look at other countries with presidents, they haven’t got any organisation.”

Anita Brook hired a minibus from Oxford to take her family to the Coronation.

Wearing a Union Jack dress and wearing a tiara she said: “We travelled down at 4am and we arrived at The Mall just after 5am.

“We have got ages ranging from 82 to five. We had a little buck’s fizz on the way down.

“We are big royalists, we love it. We are here for every occasion. We were saddened by the funeral.”

The family of 10 have Union Jack umbrellas in case of rain.

And Denise Maddox and her daughter Louise brought their touring caravan to London to ensure they could get up early for the Coronation.

The pair scouted out the area on Friday night and took a 5am bus to get near Buckingham Palace.

Speaking on the Mall, Denise Maddox said: “I want to see the Gold State Coach. I wasn’t born for the Queen’s Coronation and I don’t know if I will be here for William’s.

“I have come because I might never see it in my lifetime again. It’s something I have wanted to do since the Queen passed away.”

The pair bought a bottle of champagne at Christmas to mark the Coronation and have brought cornflakes to eat and Union Jack hats with a King Charles picture on the top.

Crowds are now 10-deep on The Mall and an announcement has been made asking people to put their tents away to make space. Those gathered have started singing Sweet Caroline and waving flags.

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Royal fans who got the train into Waterloo this morning will have been lucky enough to see more than 5,000 armed forces personnel.

They all travelled by train to London Waterloo before marching off to take part in the Coronation.

Network Rail said it was the biggest movement of military personnel on Britain’s railways since Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965.

Members of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Commonwealth forces travelled to the UK’s busiest railway station this morning on board seven South Western Railway trains and two chartered West Coast Railways trains.

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