Schoolgirl asks parents to buy her Prime energy drinks with their huge lottery w

A schoolgirl is set to try every flavour of Prime energy drink on the market after her parents scooped £200K on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Little Theia Walling can’t wait to sample all eight varieties of the pricy beverage after mum Amie and dad James hit the jackpot.

James, 40, said: “We’re going to go on a Prime treasure hunt and see how many different kinds we can pick up.

“It is just pop at the end of the day so we won’t be forking out hundreds like some people do.

“But we will definitely be treating her.”

Theia, eight, added: “I have only tried one flavour so far, Tropical Punch.

“It’s delicious. I can’t wait to taste them all. I am so happy we won.”

James, a machine driver at a quarry, and wife Amie, a 37-year-old teaching assistant, are also planning on moving to a bigger house.

Amie added: “We had a ten year plan. Now we have a next week plan.”

The lucky family are just one of 752 to share £3.2million in Lancaster, Lancashire.

Eight of those living in the Marsh area of the city were told they had won the top prize of £200K on Saturday (APR 29) after being surprised by the Postcode Lottery team.

They knew they had won a minimum of £1K but had no idea how much.

Neighbour Ria Plawecki, 31, plans to learn how to drive after scooping the £200K jackpot.

The human resources assistant and husband Ross, a 32-year-old salesman, will also be splashing out on a “posh kennel” for their two dogs.

Ria said: “I will be getting a car, something flash but that will also last.

“Being able to drive will make such a big difference to our lives.

“We’ll be treating the dogs as well.

“It’s unbelievable. I am amazed we have won this much.

“This money is going to do a lot for the people in this area.”

Great grandmother Isobel Johnson, 65, works all day and then spends her nights caring for husband Norman, 69, who suffers from dementia.

Isobel, an administrator, is mum to twins Carl and Terry, 45, and plans to share her jackpot with friends.

She said: “I was just 18 when I had the boys. There was a family who helped me bring them up.

“I always said that if I won the lottery I would give them some of the money. I just never expected to win this much.

“I will also be treating myself and getting my hair and nails done.

“I have been playing since the Postcode Lottery started but have only ever won £10 before.

“This is a massive amount of money. It will change our lives, but it won’t change us as people.”

Neighbour Sara McGonnell, a 56-year-old receptionist, will be buying a headstone for her mother’s grave after bagging the top prize.

Sara said: “My mum died in 1988 aged just 52.

“We’ve never been able to go out and get her a headstone.

“We’ve been waiting such a long time to be able to do this and it means so much to us.”

Mum Sara added: “I will also be using the money to pay off a holiday I have booked to Florida.

“I honestly can’t believe it. It’s a life changing amount of money.”

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