Ryanair CEO erupts at Boris Johnson over ‘stupid’ rules threatening British economy

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Ryanair resumed flights on July 1 after nearly four months of complete standstill because of the coronavirus pandemic. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said the company has adopted all the necessary precautions to ensure travellers are protected but he urged Boris Johnson to reconsider the current quarantine policy to safeguard the British economy. Speaking to Sky News, Mr O’Leary said: “This is the most devastating downturn the aviation industry has seen in its 100 years.

“To put it in some context, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York planes were grounded for four days.

“With COVID-19 we’ve been grounded for four months. I think it’s irritating.

“The Government is causing a huge amount of this damage with its badly-thought-out quarantine measures. Filling in forms at airports which are then thrown in the bin and not followed up.”

The Ryanair CEO continued: “They are deterring visitors coming to Britain in July and August.

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“This badly-thought-out, badly implemented policies which have no effect on COVID are doing untold damage to British tourism, to jobs and to the wider British economy.

“We need to get this stupid quarantine lifted and we need to get Britons moving again.”

From June 8, all passengers arriving to the UK have been required to isolate for 14 days and provide airport authorities with their contact details for follow up checks.

The policy has already been reviewed after weeks of warning from the aviation and tourism sector, with the British Government agreeing to establish so-called air bridges with some countries to lif the quarantine requirement. 

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