Royal fans think they have spotted major error on Coronation medal

Prince William crosses his fingers for good weather for coronation

Royal fans were left totally confused after they thought they spotted a crucial typo on the official Coronation medal.

The medal, for which the design was unveiled on Friday, is being handed out as a thank-you gift to commemorate the Coronation for those who helped to put the momentous service together.

More than 400,000 people – including police officers, military personnel, and St John Ambulance staff – are to be given the medal for their efforts to support the King’s Coronation.

One face of the Coronation medal details the date on which the historic occasion is taking place – 6 May 2023 – while the other bears an engraving of a double portrait of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

However many royal fans were left baffled after the medal appeared to read the date of ‘6 May 2033’, and some took to social media to point out the apparent mistake, LBC reports.

Taking to Twitter, one royal fan said: “Is the date on the Coronation medal really 2033? I looked at an online image in the paper and the date is wrong.”

A second added: “Hey, have they noticed that the date is wrong yet?”, while a third chimed in: “Date is wrong. It’s not 2033.”

A fourth penned: “The Coronation medal has the wrong date, it’s not 2033,” while one more said: “Why does it say 2033?”

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport shot down the suggestion of a typo, meaning the confusion can be put down to what appears to be a trick of the light in the official photos of the medal.

And, upon closer inspection of the picture, it is clear to see that the number in question is a 2 and not a 3.

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The other face of the medal features a double portrait of King Charles and Queen Camilla, while the reverse bears a version of Charles’s royal cypher, a laurel wreath, and the date of the Coronation.

Meanwhile, the ribbon is made up of red, blue and white vertical stripes.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said that the Coronation would not be possible “without the dedication and selfless service shown by our armed forces and other public servants”.

He said that the medal was a “fitting recognition of their efforts, and a thank you from the nation” and that it would be “worn with pride for years to come.”

Elsewhere, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said that the Coronation medal would “act as a reminder of the important part each person has played in this moment of history”.

With less than 24 hours to go before the historic Coronation, final preparations are underway, and members of the Royal Family took part in a last-minute rehearsal at Westminster Abbey.

King Charles and Queen Camilla stepped out for the final rehearsal at the Abbey on Friday morning, accompanied by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The royals also greeted well-wishers and campers along the Mall outside Buckingham Palace this afternoon.

King Charles, Prince William and Princess Kate took time to speak and shake hands with those who have been camped out overnight to secure the best view of the Coronation procession on Saturday morning.

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