Ring of Steel put around King with record 11,500 police to guard him

King Charles hosts his first Buckingham Palace garden party

A record 11,500 police will be tasked with guarding King Charles III at his Coronation on Saturday in what will be the biggest security event on British soil. Bosses at Scotland Yard have warned any lawbreakers that they will face “very swift action” from the force who will have an “extremely low” threshold when dealing with them, however, those protesting the event peacefully will be allowed to continue. This comes after a man was arrested on Tuesday evening for allegedly throwing gun cartridges over the gates at Buckingham Palace and told officers his rucksack should be “handled carefully”.

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As a result, security forces put up a cordon outside the palace and a controlled explosion was then carried out.

The man is thought to be 60-year-old David Huber from Cumbria, however, the Met said they are not treating the incident as terror-related.

The King and Queen Consort were not in the palace at the time but returned the following day as Charles held an audience with New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.


Details of security operation unveiled

The security operation for the Coronation, codenamed Operation Golden Orb, will also deploy facial recognition technology so that individuals of concern or those with outstanding warrants can be flagged to the police.

There will be 500 more police officers than there were at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, however the increased number of ‘VVIPs’ at the Coronation means a greater number of close protection officers will be required.

As well as the 11,500 officers deployed on Saturday 10,000 military personnel will be taking part in the ceremony.

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