Residents blast ‘eye of Sauron’ tower being built which can be seen for miles

Residents are fuming at the sight of a massive block of flats being built, which is being compared to the “Tower of Sauron” from Lord of the Rings.

The skyscraper, in the heart of Walthamstow, East London can be seen for miles towering over nearby properties. 

Local nimbys have ruthlessly mocked the tower with some sharing photoshopped pictures of the construction site – such as planting a King Kong at the top of the building or editing in the eye of Sauron to the top of the tower.

One Facebook user who posted a picture of the tower with a sunset backdrop wrote: “Sunets with the Tower of Sauron. Such a wonderful view.”

Another wrote: “One tower to rule them all.”

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The soon-to-be 34-storey skyscraper, adjacent to the 17&Central mall in Walthamstow, is one of two residential blocks being constructed in the heart of the area. Once finished, blocks will provide more than 500 new homes for Walthamstow.

Local resident Matthew Keegan told “Like many other Walthamstoners, I am deeply concerned about the new tower being built at the centre of our great borough – currently being referred to by locals as Beast17.”

He added: “There’s no hiding from it either – we’ve had reports from as far away as Cockfosters saying they can see the outline of it. 

“Quite a number of us are now feeling pressured to move into the tower, simply so we don’t have to see it.”

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Plans for the tower were approved back in 2017 by Waltham Forest Council as part of a wider project to redevelop Walthamstow Mall, known as 17&Central. 

A spokesman from Long Harbour, the company which recently acquired the site where the towers are to be built, said: “The residential redevelopment at 17&Central has been designed in line with planning guidance and we have worked closely with Walthamstow Council and other statutory bodies throughout the whole process.

“At a time when there is a housing crisis in our country, we are playing a part in delivering new properties that will be available for rent in London, with 99 of the 495 studio, one-and two-bedroom apartments available at Discount Market Rent.

“The tower currently constructed is the lift shaft, and is not the finished building. The development is being built using modular construction and we expect the first apartment modules to be delivered in the coming months, when residents will see further progress being made to deliver these much-needed new homes.”

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