Reduced YAWN inflatable air bed is perfect for Christmas guests

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With Christmas comes family gatherings, and if you’re going to have the cousins, grown-up kids, grandparents, or other people round for Christmas then a inflatable YAWN inflatable Air Bed should come in super handy. 

For a start, it’s self-inflating meaning no need to go all out trying to set the whole thing up – AND it inflates and deflates in just five minutes for extra convenience. 

Basically it’s perfect if you’ve got guests staying over for Christmas or the new year – and saves having to come up with makeshift beds on the sofa.

The best part is they’re currently included in the Express Shop’s Black Friday sale, whether you’re after a single or king size offering! 

Current discounts include: 

  • YAWN Single Air bed was £69.99 – now £59.99
  • YAWN Double Air bed was £79.99 – now £69.99 
  • YAWN King Air bed was £89.99 – now £79.99

is the self-inflating motorised luxury air bed with built-in headboard. Inflates and deflates in just 5 minutes!

The YAWN Air Beds come with heaps of perks – to make life a little easier, we’ve picked out some of our favourite ones below… 

  • Convenient – it folds away into a carry bag for easy storage and transportation, the carry bag is also included.
  • Full height of a standard bed – it’s a lovely, comfortable big bed and is raised 45cm height, which is double the height of a standard air bed, too
  • Superfast – it features a 2-in-1 built-in motor that inflates and deflates the bed in just 5 minutes, so great if you’re in a hurry. 
  • Versatile – it can be used for all sorts such as sleepovers, holidays, and as spare beds for guests. 
  • Premium finish – it has a built-in headboard for a real bed feel, also this stops pillows from falling off your air bed in the night. 
  • Luxurious – the top holds bedsheets in place throughout the night.
  • Superior comfort and stability – it has 32 independent comfort support structures to cradle and support your body throughout the night. These pillars are independently structured, so when one person rolls over in the night, it won’t disturb other people’s sleep.
  • Comfortable and safe – the raised rim ensures a comfortable and safe night’s sleep and helps prevent people from rolling out of they move too close to the edge.  

So, don’t miss out. Get yourself an air bed so that you can invite friends and family around this year and in future years without having to worry or think twice about how you’ll put them up. Buy the inflatable YAWN Air bed here today. 

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