Rain-soaked royalists baffled by key Coronation moment

In the shadow of Buckingham Palace, thousands of rain-soaked royalists did their level best to honour our new King by way of the Homage of the People.

But many of those following events on the big screen in St James’s Park admitted being baffled by the Archbishop’s invitation to pledge their allegiance to Charles.

Cowering beneath red white and blue umbrellas with matching wellingtons, disposable anoraks and plastic throws, they failed to spot the controversial oath.

With the oath switched from a “call” to an “invitation” to show support to the King, it was slipped in after the crowning.

But despite being wet through by steady showers, chilled by plunging temperatures, trudging through mud and sitting in puddles, their loyalty was undiminished.

Sylvia Terry, 42, a public relations executive and keen royalist from London, managed to utter the oath out loud while holding her right arm up in salute.

She said: “It was a no brainer for me to say it, though I hadn’t read the internet or had the chance to prepare for it.”

“But we’re here. I was like ‘let’s do this, it’s happening.”

Sylvia, who runs her own business and has met Queen Camilla, added: “This is all incredible but it would have helped if there was some kind of guidance to say ‘it is coming you’re all invited and these are the words.”

“I don’t think the weather helps because you have all these poor people here with their children getting wet. Everybody is a bit distracted now. I’ve been sitting in a puddle for two hours.”

“They all work very hard, I think they are what makes Britain great.”

“I have lived abroad and I can see the power of Britain. Around the world we do have this incredible reputation.”

“It’s taken a knock in recent years and if anything is going to put us back on the map, it’s this Coronation.”

“I have met Camilla a few times. She is such a hard-working woman and I am so happy this has happened for her.”

“Charles has already proven himself over and over again.”

“All the work he has done with environmentalism – he was one of the early adopters. He was talking about it when it was really not cool. “

“He stuck his neck out and everyone’s sitting up now. He was doing it 30 years ago and was getting laughed at – well who’s laughing now. He deserves the credit for that.”

“He’s clearly passionate and brilliant at everything he does and he cares. He is driven by service and I think he’s going to keep doing more of the same even if he has to be less vocal.”

Annie Diamond, 57, from the Peak District, said: “I followed it and said the oath. I wasn’t really aware of any controversy. “

“As far as I’m concerned, I believe in the royal family, he’s our King and that’s all there is to it.”

“The ceremony was fantastic, though the weather could be better. I’m really really glad I came.”

“It is just fantastic because everybody is here for a very similar reason.”

“The pomp and circumstance is great. I haven’t seen any because it’s 20 deep at the Mall. But in front of this screen, you have got absolutely front row seats, everything – it’s brilliant.”

Louise Beeson, 42, who travelled down from York with her daughter Matilda, 12, sisters Charlotte Clark, 40, and Rebecca Stubbins, 43, and mother Marian Plonska, 68, said: “Basically, mother has a thing for Charles.

“We just had to be here. We’ve left the men at home minding the kids and we’re here. We said the oath – why wouldn’t we.”

Expat American Chrystean (cor) Deck, 42, with her four-year-old son Cambridge – named after Prince William’s former dukedom and dressed in a little Household Cavalry uniform, said: “I had to take the oath.”

“I am a royal fan. We don’t have anything like this at home. The atmosphere is wonderful and it is great to be part of this historic occasion.”

“I followed the royals because my grandmother followed the Queen because she married at about the same time.”

“That is the thing with the royal family – everyone feels a connection with one of them at some point in their life.”

Mandie (cor) Wilding, 51, with her son Jayden, nine, from Liverpool, said: It really is just a wonderful moment in time – a historic event. We just wanted to experience it and we’re really enjoying the atmosphere.”

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