Queen’s extravagant travel method to hop from Windsor Castle base to new London offices

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The Queen, 94, has spent her summer at Balmoral Castle with Prince Philip, 99, but she plans on returning to London to carry out royal duties. Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh will not be returning to Buckingham Palace but will continue self-isolating at Windsor Castle. Royal correspondent Chris Ship explained the Queen will then travel to Buckingham Palace for duties as he revealed the type of transport she would take.

Speaking on ITV’s Royal Rota, Mr Ship said: “We presume that the Queen and Prince Philip must at least have been getting on very well to want to continue being with one another when they go to Sandringham.”

Producer Lizzie Smith added: “When the Queen comes back from Balmoral, she would normally head back to Buckingham Palace for the autumn.

“It’s also different that she’s going to stay at Windsor Castle where things obviously worked quite well for her isolating.”

Mr Ship continued: “It’s going to be very much a home and office thing, isn’t it?

“Home is Windsor Castle which is very much where she likes being and then Buckingham Palace becomes the office.

“She will commute to the office, presumably not on the train via Slough.

“But she will either helicopter or drives the car but that’s going to her situation.

“It happens next week, they do the move from Scotland to England next week.”

It comes as amid speculation around whether she will step down.

Speaking on Channel 5 documentary, ‘The Queen: Duty before Family?’ the narrator said: “The Queen’s life has been one long rebuttal to the abdication crisis. Again and again, she’s sacrificed those closest to her for what she feels is in the best interests of the monarchy.

“Now in her mid-90s, will she sit back and enjoy her final years or keep on going as the full-time Queen of her nation.”


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Dr Anne Whitelock, a royal historian, said: “There is much speculation that the Queen might one day have to abdicate. I think there is no chance of the Queen abdicating.

“As she said at 21, whether her life short of long she remains committed to serving her people.”

The narrator added: “The story of Elizabeth II is a story of great sacrifice.

“A woman who dedicated herself from a very young age to duty regardless of the consequences to her family and those around her.”

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