Queen ‘trying to pull herself together’ to mark special Jubilee after ‘heartbreaking’ year

Queen wants to 'embrace everybody' for Jubilee says expert

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Royal expert Neil Sean claimed the Queen has been feeling more isolated and lonely due to the absence of Prince Philip as she prepares to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. Until the Duke’s retirement in 2017, Her Majesty undertook a majority of royal events with her husband, who passed away last April. The Queen also suffered the loss of two of her most trusted aides, the Duchess of Grafton and Lady Farnham in quick succession over the past month.

Speaking on his Youtube channel “Neil Sean’s Daily News Headlines”, Mr Sean said: “Apparently it’s nothing really to do with the Queen’s health but more the fact that obviously she now feels more alone and isolated than ever.

“These sort of events would have been undertaken as a duo previously she always had the Duke by her side whose Royal Highness Prince Phillip.

“And as one can imagine it must be very difficult facing this for the very first time thinking exactly how are you going to be able to command the world stage now as a solo star.

Mr Sean continued: “Whatever people feel, they were a duo. Everybody looked forward to seeing the duo as much as our glorious Majesty the Queen.

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“One of the situations that they’ve tried to do is to make sure that her Majesty’s never truly alone.

“That’s why Edward and Sophie are regular visitors, as are too Catherine and William when restrictions allow.

“But as one insider told me, this particular year has not just been heartbreaking for her Majesty the Queen but more importantly she realizes now what she owes the rest of the world as they want to celebrate with her.”

He added: “She must try and pull herself together to make sure that she too can show happiness for the rest of the world for all the things that they’ve done for her.

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“As ever always thinking of the other is one of the reasons why she’s so adored worldwide.”

The Duke of Edinburgh died at the age of 99 on April 9 and the Queen reportedly drew her strength from virtual church services, video calls with family, and walks with her two corgis at Windsor Castle.

One of her core team members praised her for her ongoing commitment to her dutty, saying: “She understands that she has a job to do, and [Philip] would have wanted her to crack on, she loves to work.

“She is never idle.”


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The Queen also faced health issues in the month of October when she was hospitalised for one night and was advised to rest for two weeks by her doctors.

She missed her events and royal engagements, including the Remembrance Day Service, and considerably slowed down her public appearances.

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Kate were found to have been the busiest royals this year, as they attended most of the events in her absence.

Prince William and Prince Charles stepped up to perform Royal duties to help the Queen with the light desk-based duties.

Sophie, Camilla, and Kate formed a rota to not leave the Queen alone and visit her on a daily basis at Windsor Castle. 

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