Queen Mother’s fury after Princess Diana’s death exposed: ‘Such cruel criticism!’

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Princess Diana’s tragic death is one of the most heartbreaking news stories of the last century. The People’s Princess died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. A week later, she was honoured with a public funeral that remains one of the most watched events in history, as an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide viewed or listened to the service, while another three million crowded the streets of London to follow the procession.

Princes William and Harry famously walked behind their mother’s coffin as the procession made its way through.

They were accompanied in the procession by their father, Prince Charles, and their grandfather, Prince Philip, in addition to Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother.

The procession was seen by many as a way for the Royal Family to redeem itself, as the royals were heavily criticized for the way Diana’s death was handled.

Queen Elizabeth II took some of the harshest criticism for what was perceived as a very business-as-usual attitude in the wake of tragedy.

She was in Scotland with Princes William and Harry at the time of the accident and she chose to stay there with the boys rather than return to England immediately.

This decision drew ire from many of Diana’s supporters, who felt she should have returned immediately to England.

According to unearthed reports, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was “hugely upset” by the criticism her daughter faced.

Sir Michael Oswald and his wife Lady Angela Oswald said Queen Elizabeth felt angry and defensive that her elder daughter was so widely criticised for her actions.

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Lady Angela told the Sunday Telegraph: “The Queen was criticised for two things.

“One was taking the boys [Princes William and Harry] to church [on the day the Princess died].

“But they wanted to go to church. If you are a Christian and your mother has been killed, it is a comfort going to church.

“The other thing was that people expected the Queen to abandon her two grandsons – whose mother had just been killed – and go to London to mourn with people who had never even met the Princess.

“If you stand back and think about it, it is an extraordinarily selfish attitude. Queen Elizabeth was hugely upset by the criticism of her daughter because she has always admired her so much.

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“It was such a cruel criticism and it was unfair.”

Sir Michael, an Old Etonian and former manager of the Royal Studs, was Queen Elizabeth’s racing manager from 1970 to her death in 2002 aged 101.

His wife, the daughter of the 5th Marquess of Exeter, was one of her ladies in waiting for 21 years from 1981.

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