Queen left devastated: How Prince William’s relationship with ‘granny’ became difficult

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, but at the age of 93, has felt the need to bring in help from other members of her family. In addition to her royal duties, she also has a massive family to take care of, including eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. This could be why the Queen is now sharing some of her most profound duties with one of her grandchildren, Prince William.

William is second in line to the throne, behind his father Prince Charles, and will likely be King one day.

But a royal author has now given insight to how the Queen’s relationship with her grandson has changed and become more difficult because of it.

She told Nine News Australia: “Prince William is going to be king one day.

“The Queen is 93 and she’s offloading a lot of her work both to her son and to her grandson.

“William has really had to up the ante and take on a lot of this heavy lifting.”

The two work closely together and Queen Elizabeth II has spent much of her life mentoring William for his future role.

According to another expert, this had made their relationship much more serious than it is with the Queen’s other grandchildren.

E! News royal correspondent Melanie Bromley said Prince William and the Queen’s relationship is “half family and half business”.

One of William’s main responsibilities is his work with conservation.

The Duke of Cambridge is supporting communities to protect their natural environment for future generations.

He has publicly supported initiatives to fund conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa as Royal Patron of the Tusk Trust.

Through the Royal Foundation, Prince William has also founded “United for Wildlife”, a collaboration between seven of the world’s most influential conservation organisations.

Prince William has said of the work: “Let us not tell our children the sad tale of how we watched as the last elephants, rhinos and tigers died out, but the inspiring story of how we turned the tide and preserved them for all humanity.”

In addition, the Duke his committed to helping children and young people to build their skills, confidence and aspirations.

Together with his wife, Kate Middleton, he spearheaded the Heads Together mental health campaign, leading a coalition of eight mental health charity partners to change the national conversation on mental health.

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