Queen forced to cope with ‘doubly-sad’ royal funeral due to ‘painful’ family anniversary

Queen: Experts recall Princess Margaret’s funeral

Princess Margaret’s funeral ended up being a “doubly-sad occasion” for the Queen, according to royal commentators. Channel 5’s documentary, ‘Elizabeth: Our Queen’, discussed the tragic year of 2002, in which the monarch lost both her sister and her mother. Narrator James D’Arcy told viewers about the “painful anniversary” that the Queen had to contend with that year.

He said: “Princess Margaret’s funeral was a relatively lowkey affair for a member of the Royal Family.

“For the Queen, it was a doubly-sad occasion.

“Princess Margaret’s funeral fell on a very painful anniversary.

“50 years ago to the day they had buried her father in the same chapel at Windsor.”

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Lady Anne Glenconner, a Lady in Waiting to Margaret, gave her own insight into the ceremony: “We all sat in front, all the ladies in waiting, together.

“It was terribly poignant because the Queen Mother was in a wheelchair.

“When the coffin went by, she tried to stand up.

“I think she may have been helped up so that she could be standing when Princess Margaret’s coffin went.”

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Historian Hugo Vickers told Channel 5: “Queen Mother was fragile and didn’t want to be seen by the press.

“When Princess Margaret died, she was still at Sandringham.

“She would have probably stayed, but she insisted on coming down to Windsor and taking part in the funeral.”

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Margaret was one of the first members of the Royal Family to be cremated.

According to Lady Glenconner, she wanted to be buried between her parents.

However there was only enough space for ashes to be lain.

In the weeks after Princess Margaret’s death, the Queen Mother’s health continued to deteriorate.

Eventually she died at the age of 102 in March 2002.

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