Princess Anne titles: The titles held by Princess Anne – and what they mean

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Princess Anne will celebrate her 70th birthday on Saturday. The Royal Family had plans to visit Scotland to commemorate her big day, but her son-in-law Mike Tindall this week revealed her birthday plans will be “scaled back a little bit”.

Princess Anne is the Queen and Prince Philip’s second oldest child.

Anne is 14th in line to the throne, behind all of her brothers, including Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, who are both younger than her.

She also ranks behind each of the children of her brothers.

Female royals born after October 2011 no longer rank behind younger male siblings, meaning Princess Charlotte was the first female royal in British history to rank ahead of her younger brother Prince Louis.

What royal titles are held by Princess Anne?

Anne is the only daughter of the Queen meaning she is entitled to certain prestigious titles.

Since her birth, Anne has used the HRH title which stands for His or Her Royal Highness.

This title has customarily been used by senior members of the Royal Family since the 18th century.

It was customary for the reigning monarch to bestow this title to their sons and grandsons, as well as their daughters and granddaughters later.

At the time of her birth, she was known as HRH Princess Anne of Edinburgh, taking a title from her father and mother who were then known as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

Princess Anne’s grandfather King George VI died unexpectedly in February 1952 meaning her mother became the Queen.

The change of monarch brought on new changes for her young family.

Prince Charles became heir apparent, a title he has held for the past 68 years.

Princess Anne became known as HRH The Princess Anne, reflecting her rank as the daughter of the reigning monarch.

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Anne became the first of the Queen’s children to marry in 1973.

She walked down the aisle in November 1973 to marry Captain Mark Phillips.

The couple were offered a royal title from the Queen, but she declined the offer.

Typically the Queen offers royal couples a dukedom or earldom upon marriage, but after her wedding, Anne became known as HRH The Princess Anne, Mrs Mark Phillips.

It was not until 14 years later that Anne took on another royal title: Princess Royal.

The Princess Royal title has been held by Anne since 1987.

The title is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of the monarch and cannot be reassigned until the current Princess Royal has died.

Author Duncan Larcombe told Town and Country magazine: “The title of Princess Royal is traditionally bestowed on the eldest daughter of the monarch.

“It is a title that remains for life, so Princess Charlotte will have to wait at least until the death of the current Princess Royal.”

Anne is the seventh Princess Royal in history.

The previous holder was King George V’s daughter, Mary, Countess of Harewood.

Prince Charles is next in line to become king but does not have any daughters so it is likely Princess Charlotte would be next in line to take on the Princess Royal title.

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