Prince William pours embarrassing pint and Kate’s face is a picture

Prince William pours a pint in Soho

Prince William was caught botching a pint on camera this afternoon, prompting a hilarious reaction from the Princess of Wales. The Prince of Wales and his wife appeared in a fleeting visit to the Dog and Duck pub in Soho, where they greeted staff as they toured local businesses ahead of the Coronation weekend. But, while now equipped with the skills to support his father on the big day, his pint-pouring form earned him sarcastic remarks as he appeared to struggle with a beer pump.

In an attempt that left a lot to be desired, the Prince was seen tugging at the pump for Kingmaker pale ale while helped out by a member of staff.

An off-camera voice was heard saying the pint was “expertly done”, and replied saying “oh really?” in a humorous exchange.

He later added that he was “not too bad at drinking pints”, but that pouring them into a glass was another matter entirely.

When completing his attempt, he unveiled his finished work with a flair, lifting an unfortunate-looking pint with a “ta da”.

His “very good tutor” politely said the example was “perfect”, as Princess Kate was seen giggling beside him.

The royal couple fitted in a visit to the pub as part of a packed schedule today that saw them travel with commuters on the Elizabeth Line for the first time.

Before Prince William tried his hand at bartending, he and his wife were snapped travelling down the escalator before boarding a train on the line – which was opened in time for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 – and chatting about the upcoming Coronation.

They sat with a Transport for London (TFL) employee en route to Soho, and Kate made a candid admission.

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She said preparations were “getting there”, with fewer than 48 hours to go until the event unfolds.

She said: “Yes, it’s going to be a busy time. We’re getting there. I still feel like we’re trying to get ducks in a row.”

The pair exited their carriage after stopping at Tottenham Court Road, shocking travellers going about their daily business in London’s city centre.

While the journey went off without a hitch, the Princess of Wales appeared to accidentally break London Tube etiquette.

She travelled up the escalator on the left side, which is typically left clear for people to walk up the moving steps.

They completed the short walk to the Dog and Duck and, after the prince’s pint-pouring, sat down for a drink.

The couple discussed the capital’s buzzing atmosphere ahead of the Coronation ceremony this weekend.

The Dog and Duck is a capital staple, and has hosted some of the UK’s most famous figures since opening its doors in 1734.

The pub sits on the site of the Duke of Monmouth’s home, and historic patrons include the old Etonian and author George Orwell.

More modern, but equally famous, patrons include pop singer Madonna, who once confessed her love of the pub’s Timothy Taylor’s Landlord ale.

She told TV presenter Jonathan Ross that she had “learned to love” ales, adding that she has visited the Dog and Duck with a flat cap drawn over her face.

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