Prince Harry’s secret message to Britain? Royal couple releases brutal Instagram post

Prince Harry undertook his first public engagement since the announcement he and his wife, Meghan Markle, plan to step down as senior royals. The Duke of Sussex hosted the Rugby League World Cup 2021 draw at Buckingham Palace on Thursday sharing videos of him walking through the palace of Instagram. With the clip, the video had background music from The Stone Roses – This is the One.

The lyrics are: “I’d like to leave the country, for a month of Sundays.

“Burn the town where I was born.

“If only she’d believe me. Bellona belladonna.

“Burn me out or bring me home.”

It comes as the Queen has been brokering talks between senior members of the Royal Family and her grandson.

In a statement released on Monday, Her Majesty insisted she supports Harry and Meghan’s decision and senior staffers have been charged with finding a solution to avoid disruption because of the changes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to make.

But royal author Tina Brown claimed the Queen is “desperately trying” to ensure Harry and Meghan have the opportunity to return to their position should they choose to in a few years.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Ms Brown said: “She is desperately trying to find some way to keep the doors open for Harry.

“She feels life is long, she’s a big believer in ‘let the cool heads prevail’ so she really wants to keep that door open.

“Not alienate him because, who knows, this could be like a year’s experimental thing and then he’s going to want to come back into the Royal Family.”

The royal expert also suggested plans for Harry and Meghan to retake their senior roles in the future have been inspired by the important PR value the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have.

Ms Brown continued: “I think she really wants to keep it open for him because he is a big asset.


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“Harry is the second-most-popular member of the Royal Family after the Queen. He’s attractive, he is a vet and they were actually excited about Meghan.

“It seemed like here she was, the star power – these two were going to really be this massive asset bumping up the glamour of the Royal Family and doing the work.”

In a shocking statement released last week, Meghan and Harry confirmed reports they want to step away from the Royal Family to pursue financial independence and “carve out a progressive new role within the institution.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex however said they will continue to “fully support Her Majesty The Queen” and perform royal duties when “called upon” despite plans to split their year between the UK and Canada.

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