Prince Harry ‘on the horns of a dilemma’ over Coronation attendance

Mr Cawthorne discussed how King Charles faces multiple potential crises before the Coronation.

Not only does he have to manage the potential distraction of Prince Harry’s presence, but that of his brother Prince Andrew.

Mr Cawthorne said: “There is a battle royal going on here. It’s tit for tat. Certainly tat. With the flawless Queen gone, the monarchy is looking a bit threadbare.

“Charles is in an impossible position. If either Andrew or Harry or both, turn up, they are going to besmirch the coronation and take the spotlight away from him. Their absence will be equally headline-grabbing and will diminish the significance of the ceremony.”

Mr Cawthorne added: “The coronation is the key moment in the monarchy, but the top royals can’t be bothered to turn up. Imagine a wedding or funeral where a brother or son is a no-show. It speaks volumes.”

On Prince Harry’s attendance specifically, Mr Cawthorne said the King’s youngest son faced his own dilemma.

Mr Cawthorne described how Harry faced becoming more unpopular regardless of whether he attended or didn’t. He said: “If he turns up, he risks having rotten tomatoes thrown at him. If he stays away, he’s turning his back on [the Royal Family].”

Mr Cawthorne’s commentary comes as the Royal Family endures a difficult start to 2023, one which began with the release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, a book that featured several allegations against both his brother, Prince William, and King Charles III as well as Queen Consort Camilla.

Although Spare has gone on to be a hit, flying off bookshelves to become a best-seller, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity has fallen.

Furthermore, the allegations made by Prince Harry in Spare, including that his brother Prince William assaulted him, have reportedly created a rift between the two royal brothers.

Despite this, the King is believed to be keen for Prince Harry to attend his Coronation. Reports suggest he has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to act as a mediator between himself and the Prince.

Whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend the coronation on May 6 is not yet known.

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