Prince Harry could have ‘several possible reasons’ to ask for Megxit review delay

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2020 in review

Prince Harry thrashed out the terms of his and Meghan Markle’s post-royal life in January last year, during a meeting at Sandringham with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. As revealed by a source last February, the royals are to reconvene this coming March to verify whether the terms of the agreement still work for both the Sussexes and the Crown.

However, a source has recently claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want an extension to this 12-month review, in a bid to have a more permanent agreement which would allow the couple to continue as non-working royals based in California.

And royal biographer Angela Levin believes there could be many reasons for Prince Harry to be drawn to the option of an extension.

She wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “The Megxit deal thrashed out with the Palace last March stipulates a review at the end of the first year.

“It has been reported that Prince Harry now wants a 12-month extension to it. 

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“There are several possible reasons. He may miss his family and all the privileges that entails.

“He may be keen to reconnect with the charities he once supported, and regain his honorary military titles.

“Or perhaps he just realises that royalty is forever, but celebrity is not.”

According to the terms agreed last January during the meeting in Sandringham, Prince Harry and Meghan gained the right to live abroad, become financially independent and retain their patronages, with which they have remained in touch throughout 2020.  

In turn, Meghan and Harry can no longer use the word royal, which means they had to give up their brand Sussex Royal and the popular Instagram account linked to that name on March 31 2019.

They also agreed on relinquishing the use of their HRH styles and on carrying out royal engagements.

Moreover, Prince Harry lost his three honorary military titles.

The positions of Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command, Honorary Air Commandant and Captain General of the Royal Marines are yet to be reassigned to other royals and will be filled by the Queen only at the end of the Megxit transition period.

This move has been seen by experts and royal watchers as a way for the monarch to leave the door open to Harry for a possible return into the royal fold should he change his mind.

However, the deals struck with Netflix and Spotify and the decision to buy a home in California signal the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not want to rejoin the Royal Family as full-time working royals.

Speculation surrounding an extension to the 12-month review period stemmed after a source told The Sun in late December: “Expect things to drag past March 31.

“The Sussexes have laid their stall out very clearly.” 

Speaking about the Duke’s honorary military posts, another insider said: “Harry regrets losing those titles and keeping them open for as long as possible keeps that olive branch out.

“Don’t be surprised if they are not filled even after March 31.”

However, a royal expert does not believe it is possible for Harry to get back his honorary military titles.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig told last month: “There are consequences to actions.

“He chose to leave, and he cannot fulfil the responsibilities, he’s gone off to live in another country.” 

Speaking about why it is unlikely to see Harry resume his posts, she continued: “You need someone who is there all the time and he can’t do that.

“He has made the decision to leave and cease to be a working royal.

“Part of being a working royal are military patronages – not every member of the Royal Family gets them, but most of them do – and they need to be taken very seriously.

“When you leave the job you don’t get to retain the perks.”    

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