Parents fury as 11-year-olds in RE class shown video of razor-encrusted SEX TOY

Furious parents have slammed Excel Academy in Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent, for allowing the Year 7 RE pupils to view it on Friday. The school has since admitted that it was “inappropriate” and said it will not be shown again.

This has not stopped irate parents from venting their anger at the Staffordshire school for showing the animation which shows two cartoon figures discussing the Taoist ‘yin and yang’ symbol and what the best and worst things in the world they could imagine were.

One character thinks of a cheese toastie as the best thing in the world, and a sex toy covered in razor blades as a depiction of something “evil”.

Pupil River Maddocks said the teacher had told the class the video contained offensive language before it was shown.

The first swear word appears just 13 seconds in, and an image of Jesus Christ reading Playboy magazine appears at 20 seconds.

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At 40 seconds, the F-word is spoken. The sex toy appears more than halfway through the four-minute clip.

River, 11, who is a Christian, and parents, Leah and Eden Maddocks, were horrified at the video’s contents.

Leah, 47, told Stoke-on-Trent Live: “When River first told us about it we thought he must be exaggerating, but when we watched it, it was even worse than we thought.

“Whoever decided to show that in a lesson must not have watched it properly beforehand.

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“It’s not just the bad language or the fact it is offensive to every faith going – there is a part with a cartoon depiction of something which they shouldn’t even know about at their age.

“When we watched it we were mortified. I don’t think it is suitable to be shown to any age group in a school.”

River said: “We were revising for an RE test and doing religious symbols.

“The teacher, who isn’t our normal teacher, said he had a video to show us if we needed help with it.

“I was shocked when I saw it. All the other kids were laughing.

“It’s really not appropriate for a school.”

His dad Eden, 57, added: “As soon as he mentioned it I was fuming, but when we sat and watched it, it was even worse than I thought. The world is going bananas if that can be shown in a school.”

An Alpha Academies Trust spokesperson said: “A supply teacher used an incorrect video link which was identified as being inappropriate when played and will not be used again.

“More stringent checks will be made moving forward to ensure this does not happen again.”

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