‘Not good at carrying out THE game’ Meghan challenged on new project after Netflix snub

Meghan Markle's 'privilege' to jeopardise Spotify podcast

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Ms Levin sat down with radio host Mike Graham to discuss the latest Netflix announcement about Ms Markle. The Royal author discussed the Duchess of Sussex up and coming Netflix series about women who have been stereotypes, despite having her animation series for children dropped. Ms Markle and her husband Prince Harry have been facing criticism over their latest business deals since cutting ties with the Royal Family. Mr Graham backed Ms Levin by claiming no one cares what Meghan Markle thinks.

Ms Levin told Talk TV: “The interesting thing is Spotify is waiting for the summer.

“For her to do another thing, which is about women who are stereotyped.

“Where does it come from? She’s going to speak to historians and women who feel they’re stereotyped.

“But hang on what’s gone on with it, nothing yet, so it’s very similar to Netflix.

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Ms Levin added: “It’s all about her being a proud woman, but actually it’s sort of passe.

“We’ve all moved one, most women are ok, the thing is now is gender.

“Rather than actually being…”

Mr Graham said: “With the greatest of respect to Meghan, I mean who cares what she thinks.

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Mr Graham added: “She’s married to a very very wealthy man, she’s had a very privileged upbringing.

“You know she been an actress, she doesn’t, as far as I know, have much of an expertise in anything in particular.

“She’s a woman and so are you, and so are many other women.”

Ms Markle spoke of the Netflix deal last year, Ms Markle said: “I’m thrilled that Archewell Productions, partnered with the powerhouse platform of Netflix, and these incredible producers, will together bring you this new animated series, which celebrates extraordinary women throughout history.” 

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Meghan also has a podcast launching on Spotify later this year, which will boost her and Prince Harry’s finances.

The royal pair have been accepting major business offers from companies like Penguin House, despite public pressure for them both to stop using their royal titles.

Some speculate the dropping of the animation ‘Pearl’ is to do with Netflix’s decline.

trading investment platform Saxo Markets, Adam Seagrave claimed: “The nightmare for Netflix may continue this week as the streaming service announces its Q1 earnings following a 39% drop off in its share price compared to this time last year.

“Following a boom through lockdown, the company missed its subscriber target in its last report in January and with users counting their pennies more than ever, their user growth may see another hit.”

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