Nigel Farage HANGS UP on ‘fanatical’ Remainer refusing to listen to Brexit argument

The Brexit Party leader was asked to explain how the European Parliament has to sign off a Brexit deal with the UK by caller Matt on Reading. Matt went on to argue Nigel Farage was wrong to campaign for Brexit as a majority of people want to remain, according to polling data. But after not listening to Mr Farage’s explanations, the MEP decided to give up and move on to the next caller.

Speaking on Mr Farage’s LBC show, Matt said: “You said European Parliament have to sign off on any deal with the UK.”

Mr Farage explained: “For example at the summit next week if a deal was agreed and the ratified by the House of Commons, the European Parliament after all of that does actually have to approve it and does have the right to veto.”

Matt added: “I’m really confused. You’ve been telling us for the past three years that the European Parliament has no power.

“You have said it’s undemocratic and unelected.”

Mr Farage denied the claims and said: “I’ve been here 20 years and I’ve sung the same song for 20 years which is, the real power in the European institutions is vested in those that you cannot elected and you cannot remove.

“The European Parliament has no ability to put into place primary legislation but it can in certain circumstances act a bit like a court.

“It does have the ability to get rid of the entire European Commission and it had to sign off on this new international treaty.

“I’ve never said it’s powerless but it is undemocratic.”

Matt continued to hit out at the Brexit Party MEP as he said the country agrees with him as polling data shows voters have changed their minds on the EU referendum.

He said: “From polls today, the country is now in favour of remaining.”

After continuing to talk over Mr Farage, the politician said: “First of all, you’re wrong. You’re not listening, are you?

“This is the problem with fanatics like you.


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“Let’s just recap, the European Parliament cannot make a repeal legislation on its own as that all comes from the unelected bureaucrats.”

Mr Farage told Matt to “get it into your mind” but he went on to argue against Nigel’s point.

The Brexiteer added: “Goodbye. I’ve had enough, I give up.

“I can’t win with some people, they don’t want to listen.”

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