Nicola Sturgeon ridiculed as Scottish Government NOT taken ‘very seriously’

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Commentator Benedict Spence lashed out at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in a scathing rant. While speaking on talkRADIO with Ian Collins, Mr Spence was asked why the First Minister is able to get away with continuous criticism of Boris Johnson and his Government. Mr Spence said the SNP Government was not taken seriously and not scrutinised as vigorously as Mr Johnson and his party.

Mr Collins asked: “How has Nicola Sturgeon got away with it?

“Bearing in mind the SNP have pretty much responded in exactly the same way as No10 have in Westminster.

“They have more or less the same death rate, I think in care homes the death rate is far worse than in care homes.

“Yet Nicola Sturgeon’s opinion ratings are rising and Boris Johnson’s seem to be falling.”

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Mr Spence replied: “In London, in Westminster, people don’t take the Scottish Government very seriously.

“If it is not taken so seriously and has fewer powers it is not really held up to the same level of scrutiny.

“In some ways, I think that is justified in other ways not.

“This is giving what the Scottish National Party is angling for – independence and full control of Scotland.

“They want to be this Government in waiting and when you look at them through that prism…Nicola Sturgeon is given an easy ride.”

Mr Spence added Brexit played a role in each political figures’ popularity.

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Regardless of how good or bad a job Ms Sturgeon does, Mr Spence argued Remainers and pro-independence Scots will continue to support her.

He continued: “Nicola Sturgeon is very vocally pro-Remain whereas Boris Johnson’s Government is vocally pro-Brexit.

“So there is always going to be a section of the media and the electorate who will back her, as far as it can, against the Tories almost no matter what.

“Nicola Sturgeon is the most high-profile anti-government politician of the moment.”

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