Mum’s home ‘taken over by rats’ and has spent hundreds on cleaning products

A mother living in a rat infested home has been pushed to her limit, with damage from the rodents leaving her struggling financially.

Simone Carr, a mother of seven, has reached her breaking point while living in a rat-infested home. 

Simone rents her property in Moseley through estate agents Robert Aston, but claims both the property firm and her landlord ignored her pleas for help for nine months until BirminghamLive intervened.

Pest control experts have since visited Simone’s home on Chestnut Road to spread rat poison, although she states it has yet to take effect. 

She has spent hundreds of pounds on cleaning products and replacing items that have been gnawed by the vermin that have taken over her home. 

The situation has become so dire that Birmingham City Council’s Environmental Health department has launched an investigation into Simone’s living conditions.

Simone, whose kitchen is also covered in mould, said: “I can’t believe we’re being allowed to live like this. Rats have basically taken over; I can’t even go into the kitchen to get a snack or a drink – it stinks of urine. 

“There are rat droppings and also mud – which they bring in from outside – everywhere. I have seven children, including a one-year-old daughter who is still crawling, how does anyone think this is okay for us to live in?”

She continued: “I recently bought a new washing machine but the rats chewed through the hose pipe, meaning I now have to put it in a spare bin to get rid of the waste water. They also destroyed my hoover.”

Rats are not the only issue Simone is dealing with in her six years of living in the property. 

She said: “For four-and-a-half of those years I’ve had no lighting in the kitchen or dining areas after a leak in the ceiling – which was not fixed at the time and is now falling through. It’s an electrical issue but nothing has been done.”

Due to the dire conditions, Simone has refused to pay rent until the issues are resolved. As a result, she has been served a Section 8 notice.

She said: “I’m not paying my rent at the moment because most of my money is going on cleaning products. The amount of bleach and carpet cleaner I get through on a daily basis is crazy. I told them I would set up a payment plan when I’m no longer living with rats but they served me a Section 8 notice over unpaid rent anyway. “It’s so unfair. Who on earth would pay for the way I’m being made to live?”

Matthew Carlton, the managing director of Robert Aston, said: “We’re in contact with all parties involved in this matter at present and will be liaising with them and their representatives directly.”

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson added: “We’re aware of the resident’s complaint, however as it is subject to an ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment further at this stage.”

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