Mum left with bald patches after being attacked at Lewis Capaldi gig

Woman 'removed' from Lewis Capaldi concert after 'fight'

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A young mum has been left with bald patches after being attacked by a drunk woman at a Lewis Capaldi gig.

Toni Victoria and her partner Nathan Chapman were standing in the crowd when the woman allegedly began hurling abuse at the 26-year-old before lashing out during Capaldi’s performance of Hold Me While You Wait.

Video footage shows the moment the woman had to be dragged away by security staff at the AO Arena in Manchester last night, January 19, after the Scottish singer noticed “scrapping in the crowd”.

Toni, from St Helens, Merseyside, told The Manchester Evening News: “I was verbally attacked and violently attacked.

“I did nothing wrong apart from go to a concert of somebody that I really enjoy. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We weren’t drinking because we’ve got children that we were going back home to.

“These girls were drinking bottles of wine and getting very, very drunk. They kept pushing and shoving.

“At one point she knocked my phone out of my hand when I was recording a song, telling me to move.

“I turned round to my partner and had an anxiety attack because I was fuming. It had been going on all night.

“I didn’t say anything, she just started verbally abusing me.”

Toni says the woman kept “name-calling” her repeatedly, but events took a violent twist when she finally responded, telling her she’d “had enough”.

She says the woman ripped out chunks of her hair before she was escorted away from the scene.

“My head was pulled down as she had hold of my hair,” said Toni. “She started ripping my hair from my scalp. I was taken away by medics as I ended up having an asthma attack.

“I knew they were going to be trouble because they were really loud, they had bottles of wine, but there was nowhere else for us to go – there were thousands of us there.

“I wasn’t going mad when I couldn’t see, there was a 6ft man in front of me.

“Because I’m a bigger girl, she just started calling me a ‘fat c***’.

“She said ‘you’re a fat c***, you’ve been in the way all night’.

“She wouldn’t leave without kicking and screaming.”

Toni says she now has bald patches in the side of her hair, as well as a cut to the side of her eye.

She has reported the incident to Greater Manchester Police.

Anyone with information can use crime number of 06A1000217823, and speak to a representative of the force by calling 101 or visiting GMP’s website.

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