Mum horrified after finding pictures of her baby on paedophile website

A horrified mum has been left struggling to sleep after finding edited pictures of her daughter on a child abuse website.

Amanda Morgan, 29, had shared the images of Callia, now aged two, on her Instagram account when her daughter was just six months old. She was then notified by other parents that the photos had been shared on a Russian website where paedophiles could browse them and make comments.

In one image, Callia’s face has been heavily photoshopped so it looks as if she has green eyes, long black eyelashes and lipstick. Amanda also found comments on a photo of her daughter crawling all fours which described her as being in a ‘good position’.

Amanda said she ‘cried uncontrollably for 45 minutes’ when first told about the site. She continued: ‘My partner couldn’t calm me down, I was sobbing and shaking. I thought it was all my fault because I had this Instagram page.

‘There are three pictures of my child on that website, I haven’t dolled her up like that, I wouldn’t want to put my baby in make-up. She has hazel eyes but someone’s edited them to make them look bright green and added black eyelashes and lipstick.

‘As sickening as the comments were on Callia’s, they were mild. The other stuff that’s on there is even worse. I nearly threw up, I was literally retching like I was going to be sick. I’ve not been sleeping properly since I found out.’

Amanda’s pictures were first shared on her personal Instagram account before being circulated ‘innocently’ on ‘cute baby pages’ on other social media networks. She is now warning other parents that their images might ‘fall into the wrong hands’.

She has joined other parents in trying to get the website shut down, but as of now it still remains live, with her daughter’s images online.

Amanda, from Merseyside, Liverpool, said: ‘I set up an account on this website because you can’t see anything until you set one up. It looks like an innocent website. I went on it and saw there are thousands of users and they all post pictures, there were even posts where mums shared pictures of their own kids.

‘There are child abuse images all over the website. The usernames go from A-Z and each letter has thousands of users with paedophile usernames like “baby abuser”. I’ve never seen anything like it.

‘I didn’t want to look too deep because I didn’t want to scar myself. Obviously mine’s bad with the comments, but my baby’s fully dressed. These kids are getting abused and getting pictures taken of them by their own parents

‘I just feel so sick and I feel sad for those babies.’

Amanda has now made her personal Instagram page private, reported the website to the police and contacted a children’s charity to see if they can help her situation.

She added: ‘I don’t want anyone else to go through that and I don’t want these children on that site with this happening to them. Me staying quiet isn’t helping anyone, I need to make people aware this site is there and the more attention that’s brought to it it will get it taken down.’

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