'Money is no object, yet they never appear to work' – CAB targets hundreds of small-time criminals and rural gangs

THE Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) has identified hundreds of small-time criminals and rural crime gangs in every county.

The CAB’s national clampdown on illicit wealth flaunted by criminals follows a nationwide campaign urging communities to inform on individuals who are living the high life without any visible means of support.

Now CAB officers have drawn up a detailed list of suspects, from four suspected criminals in Mayo, believed to have carried out a spate of robberies in the region, to 40 suspects in Wexford, where Dublin gangsters keep holiday homes.

The initiative was launched in response to demands for “mini-CABs” in communities across Ireland — bolstered by the agency’s new powers to seize assets worth €5,000.

There are also new targets in regions hit by farm thefts, such as Tipperary, where the assets of 29 suspects are now under investigation. There are also 20 suspects in the Carlow/Kilkenny Garda division.

Limerick has the highest number of CAB targets outside of Dublin, with the homes, cars and assets of 73 suspected criminals under scrutiny.

Another 30 suspects have been pinpointed in the combined area covering Cork City, West Cork and Cork North.

Chief Superintendent Pat Clavin, who heads the CAB, embarked on a tour of Garda divisions, addressing 35 local authority Joint Policing Committees and armed with a glossy brochure outlining the new initiative.

“Your neighbour drives an expensive car, spends lots of money on home improvements and can afford to give their family the most expensive gifts.

“Money is no object, yet they never appear to work. Contact the CAB today so we can make them pay and take it away,” the CAB states.

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