Monaco laws: Unusual and strict rules country has to follow under Prince Albert

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Prince Albert holds the unique position of working both as a royal and governor of a country. He has continued the trend set by his ancestors in cultivating a safe haven for the world’s rich and famous. Only slightly bigger than London’s Hyde Park, the principality of Monaco has become famous for its riches and being home to thousands of millionaires – around 30 percent of the population.

In order to maintain this bubble of privilege, Monaco has a list of stringent laws and rules.

To enforce these laws, the country has employed one of the most sophisticated CCTV systems in the world.

This gives its main police quarters a real-time view of nearly every street in order to scupper any illegal activity immediately.

Monaco’s legal code is also incredibly strict.

During the BBC’s documentary ‘Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich’ several offences which could land you in prison or with a fine were revealed.

Of the most bizarre: walking down the street barefoot can get you into serious trouble, as well as walking without a shirt.

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Those who holiday cross-country via camper vans can forget about visiting the wealthy location too.

Monaco Police’s Lieutenant Guillaume Deken explained: “Caravans are forbidden driving through or parking in Monaco.

“It’s an old law, I don’t know it’s origins.”

With a zero policy stance on the law, everyone who breaks even what might be considered the most mundane law will be prosecuted.


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And, with 577 police officers – one officer per every seventy inhabitants – offenders will almost always get caught.

Chief of Police Richard Marangoni said: “Every infraction is prosecuted – from the smallest to the largest.

“We take action.

“If your car door gets scratched we’ll take action.”

Prince Albert himself remarked that policing in Monaco is of “paramount importance”.

He explained: “If you conduct a survey, people, not only living in Monaco, but wanting to move to Monaco, if you ask them what the main reason was for their moving here, I think an overwhelming majority would say it’s the security aspect, it’s the safety aspect.”

The principality has seven times more police per head of population than in the UK.

Such heavy police presence means people are happy to flaunt their wealth – making Monaco a hub for exclusive goods.

The country is considered to be so safe that even Albert is able to walk the streets.

Although, he is closely followed by an entourage of bodyguards.

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