Meghan Markle’s intriguing reason for always wearing thick coats in warm weather

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The secret behind why Meghan Markle always wears thick coats in warm weather has been laid bare by celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, who claims coats “make her look more together”.

In the past, Meghan has defined her look with weather an array of warm items of clothes, leaving some observers baffled particularly during periods of stifling heat.

Just last week, the 42-year-old was seen wearing a £1,293 Max Mara wool coat for an evening outing – despite the weather being hot out in Montecito, with the mercury striking 22.7C (73F).

Other times Meghan has left critics scratching their heads with her fashion choices during the hot weather included in 2021.

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Back then, Meghan was seen wearing a number of woolen coats in New York – even though temperatures around her hit the mid-20s.

According to Ms Holder, Meghan’s choices may seem strange but they had an altogether more personal touch to why the outfits were chosen.

She told FEMAIL: “Wearing a thick woolen coat over an outfit despite it being 22C is certainly a little odd – even if the coat is a gorgeous camel-colored Max Mara number like the one we saw Meghan Markle wearing earlier this week.

“There is no doubt that a coat, especially an immaculately cut designer one as Meghan is partial to, can help to finish off an outfit and make the whole ensemble feel more pulled together.”

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For Ms Holder items like a coat can elevate a look but considering the balmy Los Angles climate the idea could sometimes be “ill-judged”.

She added: “Hailed as the essential “third piece” by fashionistas and stylists in the know, adding a coat over say, just a plain T shirt and pair of jeans, helps to complete the outfit, adding much needed shape, texture and interest, but there are plenty of other ways to do that in the balmy California sunshine and not overheat – so it is indeed curious that the Duchess has a habit of stepping out looking overdressed – both literally and figuratively speaking.

“Other possible explanations are that Meghan was heading somewhere with over-effective air-conditioning and would be spending time in arctic temperatures, but she could have just carried extra layers with her for this.”

Ms Holder concluded that another potential reason for her outfit choice was her trying to “disguise herself” from the public and cameras.

Meghan, a former star through her work on TV show Suits, was joined by her husband Prince Harry earlier this month as she met the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

For the visit, Meghan reportedly wore a tobacco-colored cashmere Max Mara coat, reportedly worth an eye-watering £3,302.

This was paired with wide-legged pants and stiletto court shoes.

To complete the wardrobe, Meghan also brought along with her a £4,576 Loro Piana cashmere coat during her visit to New York to meet the official.

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