Meghan Markle called out for ability to ‘cry from left eye’

Meghan Markle's 'artificial tears' discussed by Angela Levin

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Meghan Markle has been called out after she was photographed with one tear on her cheek at the Queen’s funeral. Royal author Angela Levin has claimed the Duchess was acting and pointed to a previous interview of Meghan where she cried in seconds for the camera. The 2014 video showed the former actress at the exclusive Soho House Toronto saying how she can make herself cry “so well”.

Ms Levin told TalkTV: “Meghan managed an artificial tear or at least I think it was.

“She said the one thing she’s learned is how to cry out of her left eye.

“Count to four she said to the person and watch me and a tear came down.

“Not all actresses can make tears.

“You hate this monarchy, you don’t want to come, you don’t want anything to do with it and yet you’re hanging on to the titles and arguing non-stop for titles with your children, why?”

In reference to the 2014 clip, Meghan is filmed being asked off camera: “Can you make yourself cry?”

Meghan, clad in a white shirt and black leather skirt, responds enthusiastically, and says: “Oh I can do that so well!

“Oh my god it’s crazy. They’re like, Meghan, one tear, left eye, go!”

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Revealing how long it takes her to shed the first tear, she says: “Give me three seconds.”

But royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said it is “unfair” Meghan was accused of “faking” the emotion.

Body language expert Adrianne Carter, of The Face Whisperer, responding by telling The Daily Star it was “it’s hard to tell” if the tears were “genuine sadness.

She added: “Meghan certainly knows that tears would be spotted and photographed.”


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Mr Sacerdoti said: “I always think it’s best to try to take things at face value and give people the benefit of the doubt, especially at difficult moments like those involving grief or the loss of a family member.

“And when that family is Her Majesty the Queen, and with all the tensions within the family, it’s fair to assume that if you have to act out your grief in such a public way, whoever you are, you may find it very difficult, you may well be sad.

“And so I don’t think it’s fair to accuse people of faking when we have no reason or evidence to suggest that that’s the case.

“And I will say that she also has spoken in the past about how lovely the Queen was in welcoming her to the family.”

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